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An imaginary friend is destined to a short life, no matter how much he is loved. When Leo gets a crush on a cute girl from his school, Rocky knows that his expiration date is getting closer and closer. So, he has to find a way to survive, even if it means hurting his best friend. But is survival really worth it?

Original Title Rocky
Italian Title Rocky
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Short Film
Duration 15'
Production Year 2017
Nationality Italy
Directed by Daniele Pini
Story Claudia De Angelis, Nicola Ingenito, Daniele Pini
Screenplay Claudia De Angelis, Nicola Ingenito, Daniele Pini
Director of photography Matteo Pedicini
Editor Leone Santi
Production Design Melania Santucci
Costume Design Margherita Leone
Sound Alessandro Bonfanti
Main cast Alberto Paradossi
Ruben Aprea
Giorgia Cardaci
Giuseppe Gandini

Daniele Pini
Daniele Pini (Rome April 29, 1987) is a director graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, where he directed the short films TEX, THE DRIVER, THE KING OF NOMENTANA and ROCKY (graduation work). In January 2016 he founded his own production company, Nikada Film and he made his first television commercial for the online insurance company ConTe.it. He is currently involved in the filming of the documentary 1960 which tells the story of the Olympic Village neighborhood in Rome.

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