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Thirty years of memories, feelings strong emotions, are difficult to remember. 30 years of huge sacrifices but also successes, goals achieved and things that need to be done. All this can be revisited thatnks to an exhibition where people can find old letters, brochures, catalogues, and gifts given to the Festival by its fantastic guests.

1100 are the films in the pre-selection, only a few dozen make it to the official competitive sections.
Over 100 nations are involved in the pre-selection. The juries are made up of 800 children and youth from over 16 Countries: Belarus, Canada, Cuba, Egypt, Finland, Iran, Italy, Madagascar, Mozambico, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea.

The  Festival is an incredible opportunity for National premieres such as "Fantasia 2000" by Disney and "Titan A.E." by Fox.

"Quiero Ser..." by German director Florian Gallenberger, is the Best Y Gen short film, it will win an Academy Award as Best short film too.

Worries, dark sides and nes of new generations are presented and discussed about in the new-born Y Generation with the participation of Cardinal ERSILIO TONINI, journalists ENRICO MENTANA and GIANNI MINÀ, and ERNESTO CAFFO, President of Telefono Azzurro.

An interesting exhibition of the Thirty years of the Festival is organized and visited  by thousands of people. 
Two rooms of the restored San Francesco convent host events and the old, renovated,"out-doors" cinema "Orange Garden" is opened hosted by Culture minister Giovanna Melandri.

Thousands of reports, newspaper articles and Italian and international Tv programs, contribute to the creation of great international interest around the festival, also thanks to new satellite Tv channels. RAI and MEDIASET (especialli the GFF special) are seen by millions of people day by day. Over 80 thousand people visit the Festival.

International and national Film stars participate to the celebration of the GFF anniversary: GRETA SCACCHI and RUPERT EVERETT, the much appreciated and fascinating Iranian director SAMIRA MAKHMALBAF, director JULIAN TEMPLE and director/producer GARY GOLDMAN. From Italy, Maestro MARIO MONICELLI, MARIO MARTONE, ASIA ARGENTO, CHRISTIAN DE SICA, MASSIMO BOLDI, IAIA FORTE, LELLO ARENA, TEO TEOCOLI, FRANCESCO PAOLANTONI, FIORELLO, ROSALINDA CELENTANO, CLAUDIA MORI and a very young GIORGIO CANTARINI ("Life is Beautiful").
Great party at  the Maison Lumière with great music, youth favourites.
A new Award, the Explosive Talent Award, is awarded for the first time to a young promising actor: FERNANDO RAMALLO is the first winner.

The Holy Pope Giovanni Paolo II greets 700 Festival representatives in a very touching ceremony. A special train  goes to Roma, to open and celebrate the thirtieth annual of the Giffoni Film Festival.