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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2013 - 19.28 July

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JURIES: About 3.300 jurors from 39 Countries: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, The Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, USA.



Elements +3, the competitive section for nursery school children aged from 3 to 6).  Children watched animated short films from all over the world made with several techniques. The films selected joined tradition with innovation and the focus was on the respect for  the animal kingdom and the environment. The winner was American short "The Catch", by Josh Carroll  and Scott McWhinnie. The Giotto award Super Bè-Bè went to the Italian "Dove ti nascondi?", directed by Nadia Abate, Francesco Forti e Victoria Musci, based on pre birth imagination by children from a school in Turin.

Elements +6 (jurors aged 6 to 9). Features and Shorts engage children winning their attention thanks to lots af Adventure, action and fantasy journeys. Once again many films from germany and Northern Europe and the most voted one was German feature by Mike Marzuk "The Famous Five 2" (second instalment of  2012, wnner based on Enid Blyton’s tales,  and short film from Tunisia "Bobby", by Mehdi M. Barsaoui.

Elements +10 (jurors aged 10 to 12), Stories from all over the world describing the anxiety, dreams and hopes of pre-teens. Dutch feature "Mike Says Goodbye!", by Maria Peters won best film award (and Amnesty International  and Bambino Gesù hospital awards), and Danish short "Weekend Daddy" by Johan Stahl Winthereik.

Generator +13 (jurors aged 13 to 15), The most challenging age due to the line which is crossed from childhood to adolescence. Seven films in competition dealing with anxiety, social and life issues and at the same time hope and dreams. Dutch feature film "Regret", by Dave Schram, about bullying won the competition. Great success also for Chinese film by Chang Jung-Chi "Touch of the Light", produced by Wong Kar Wai, and "Your Beauty is Worth Nothing...", produced in Germany and directed by Turkish origin director, Hüseyin Tabak, who also had a film in competition in Elements +6 ("A Horse on the Balcony"). The American "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete", by George Tillman JR., snatched second place, The“Presidente del Senato” award, the CGS award (Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali) “Percorsi Creativi 2013” , and ARCA CinemaGiovani French "Asphalt Playground" by Julien Abraham, won “La Bottega Digitale” award.

Generator +16 (jurors from 16 to 17), A strong section made up of controversial innovative films focusing on troubled relatinships between parents and children, multi-cultural dialogue and a tiring research to find one’s place in the world. A journey through emotions, passions and dreams while teens come face to face with adulthood. Best film award went to Diego Quemada-Diez’s film "The Golden Cage" (CIAL award winner for the environment), which also opened in cinemas in Italy. The film is about three teens living in poverty in Guatemala who try to get to the U.S.A: searching for a better life. Second place went to international co-production (German, English and Australian) "Lore", by Cate Shortland, which also won the Premio del Consiglio Regionale della Campania, ARCA CinemaGiovani award. And The Crystal Gryphonawarded by Banca della Campania. American "The Spectacular Now", by James Ponsoldt, and French "Apaches", by Thierry de Peretti, which was also at Quinzaine des Réalisateurs di Cannes.were both positively received.

Generator +18, is a competition where  both adolescents and adults can take part as jurors;  students, teachers, parents, film buffs watch  and disicuss about the troubled relationships between parents and children, mothers and fathers uncapable of understanding their kids. American "Any Day Now", directed by Travis Fine and starring Alan Cumming won best film award. The flick was also broadcast on Italian TV. It is based on a true story and is about a gay couple who battle it out to adopt a boy with the Down Syndrome  who was abandoned by his mother in the 70s Belgium-German coproduction "The Girl with Nine Wigs", by Marc Rothemund, won the Presidente della Camera dei Deputati.award moreover, "Hollowland" (coproduced by Canada, Denmark and France), by Uri & Michelle Kranot, won the Amnesty International award "for its story about immigration and welcoming. An for the rich metaphors of how a State tries to turn immigrants and refugees into subjects to control", while the Northern European flick "Whale Valley" (Danish and Iceland co-production by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, won the Golden Spike awarded by the Social World Film Festival. Italian feature "Tre giorni dopo", by Daniele Grassetti, and German "Oh Boy", black and white film by Jan Ole Gerster, distributed in Italian cinemas. In Generator +18 shorts, in the category fiction, American "Penny Dreadful" by Shane Atkinson won the award, folllowed by Canadian "Beauty Mark", by Mark Ratzlaff, who also won the  Camera di Commercio di Salerno award, while in the animation category the Italian "Mamma Mia", by Milena Tipaldo and Francesca Marinelli,and Norwegian "But Milk is Important", by Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsenl and  Anna Mantzaris were awarded.

In Masterclass, French "The Book of Dead", by Alain Escalle, and "Father" (co-production Bulgaria-Croatia-Germany), by Ivan Bogdanov, Veljko Popovic, Moritz Mayerhofer, Asparuh Petrov, Rositsa Raleva, Dmitry Yagodin were both awarded.



2013 was the fourth edition of MyGiffoni for schools in which students write and make short films. In 2013 the award went to "Il Custode" (for videomaker aged from 6 to 10 anni), directed by Marco Di Gerlando and Ludovica Gibelli and produced by Associazione Culturale ZuccherArte in Genova; "Il poeta, una storia d'amore" (for videomakers aged 11 to 13 , directed by Emanuele Di Silvestro with kids from cinema class “Dentro lo Specchio” from “A.S. Aosta”, in Reggio Emilia; "L'atroce caso R." (for videomakers aged 14 to 20), directed by Luca Piermarteri from Liceo Classico Statale “Ugo Foscolo”, in Albano Laziale.



In 2013 MASTERCLASS multiplied its activities.

MASTERCLASS LAB for youth who had already taken part in this format. It was divided into two different moments; the mise en scene of a play and a documentary describing the performance: The play was created by the masterclassers with the help and support of masters (actors and directors) and was called DREAM ON and performed during the Festival.

The second activity was MASTERCLASS MUSIC: Master musicians met youth to show them and talk to them about theor own way of making music.

Last but not least, MASTERCLASS EXPERIENCE, Masterclassers met masters of cinema, art, culture, history, journalism, politics. On top of all these meeting masterclassers also watched, discussed about and voted for international short films.
Masters of MASTERCLASS EXPERIENCE were: ETTORE DE LORENZO ( Rai reporter, who  talked about his job and read parts of his book “Quando avevo vent’anni”, published in 2012 inspires by the anniversary markingthe massacre of Capaci and Via D’Amelio); PIER GIORGIO and MARCO BELLOCCHIO (who spoke about cinema and their family and professional relationship); ELIO E LE STORIE TESE (who won the youth over with their great irony); LUCIA MASCINO (amazing performer and coach who helped a group of fifteen youth including performers,, writers, videomakers with breathing exercises and exercises to get to know your body better. The idea was to create a performance on the “Forever Young” Theme); DARIO ARGENTO (who talked about the current situation in cinema, his work, his films and his passion for horror movies); GIOVANNI ALLEVI (who talked about his attitude towards music, he then went on to perform some of his musical pieces); FIUMANÒ DOMENICO VIOLI (who presented a song “Come un albero piccolo”, from his album “Ero jazz e non lo sapevo”); BANDABARDÒ (who presented a documentary made by writer Carlo Lucarelli and then performed at the stadium “Giuseppe Troisi” for Giffoni Music Concept); MAX GAZZÈ (who talked about his music, life and about the video clip he made at the University in Salerno); ENZO MONTELEONE (who spoke about his work as a writer); GIULIANO SANGIORGI (who spoke about his experience as a famous singer of top Italian band "Negramaro" and about his debut book “Lo spacciatore di carne”, published by Einaudi. He also received Best Talent Award).




"Monsters University", by Dan Scanlon (Disney); "The Smurfs 2", by Raja Gosnell (Warner Bros Italia); "Mood Indigo", by Michel Gondry (Koch Media); "Titeuf", by Zep (Cloud Movie); "Echo Planet", by Kompin Kemgumnird (Moviemax); "Monster High" (Mattel); "Teen Beach Movie", by Jeffrey Hornaday (Disney Channel); "L'Ultimo Goal", by Federico Di Cicilia (Jamfilm); "Violetta" (TV show, second season – special event - Disney Channel); "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters", by Thor Freudenthal (special event – 20th Century Fox); "Jurassic Park 3D", by Steven Spielberg (special event – Universal); "Kill Your Darlings", by John Krokidas (teaser – Notorious Pictures); "Belle and Sebastian", by Nicolas Vanier (teaser – Notorious Pictures); "Justin and the Knights of Valour" by Manuel Sicilia (teaser – M2 Pictures); "Tarzan", by Reinhard Klooss (teaser – Medusa Film); "Bling Ring", by Sofia Coppola (teaser – Lucky Red); "La Cantata dei Pastori", by Nicola Barile (special event – Rai).

The official start of Giffoni Experience was preceded for the third year running by an amazing film marathon. Film buffs had the chance to immerge themselves into the fantastic adventures of “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN”. The installments of the saga based on Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is inspired by one of the most popular attractions at the Disney amusement parks: "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003), "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" (2006), "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" (2007), directed by Gore Verbisnki, and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (2011), by Rob Marshall.

On 28 July, Giffoni Experience tributed Walt Disney Company and its genius creator by screening an amazing marathon with the unforgettable Disney classics: "Peter Pan", "The Jungle Book" and "The Aristocats".

QATAR SPECIAL foresaw the screening of three short movies made by young directors produced by the Doha Film Institute, ("Al Muqana 3", "Bader", "Hystoria"). One of the missions of the Doha Film Institute is to support and enhance young talented authors showcasing them at international film festivals.

Five shorts made in Macedonia were also presented at the Giffoni Experience. Five stories about childhood and adolescence told with lots of different poetic nuances marking the vivacity of Macedonian cinema.

Giffoni Experience selected the best amongst 2000 Italian short films showcasing them at the Festival. This was meant to show how many young talented, stylish and professional Italian directors there are.

Four animated shorts produced by La Boîte… Productions and distributed by Les Films du Nord, were show-cased for Elements +3 children and their families. The films are a French-Belgian co-production addressed to children but at the same time entertaining for adults too. Works of huge quality made by experienced and professional directors.

Films selected especially for parents. "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"; "Wadjda"; "The Mongrel"; "L'intervallo"; "Acciaio"; "Rosso Malpelo"; "Beasts of the Southern Wild"; "White as Milk, Red as Blood": the films are aimed at describing the world of families, the role of parents, their children's expectations, and challenges and issues children and parents alike must face in this day and age.






Giffoni Music Concept 2013, took place in Giffoni at the “Giuseppe Troisi” stadium and at Bagnoli in Napoli: RENZO ARBORE E L'ORCHESTRA ITALIANA, FIORELLA MANNOIA, CHIARA, BABY K, Italian rappers FEDEZ, GUÈ PEQUENO and NTÒ, and last but not least at Bagnoli, TRICKY, Massive Attack singer.



Amazing entertainment and enthusiasm in Giffoni Valle Piana: art, dance, theatre, music, mobile shows, parades, puppets, street sport, games and acrobats, interactive games, fashion, crafts, creative workshops, screenings, readings and paintings, art exhibitions (curated by Borgo Rivive and Associazione Angelo Azzurro), creative workshops on recycling (by Associazione PLACE), tasting of typical food (by Associazione Angelo Azzurro, Orchidea del Picentino, Forum dei Giovani). The city was turned into an outdoor entertainmetnt village and theme park. performers at Giffoni 2013: Ipanema Show Do Brasil, Associazione Arte and Domino Arci (Porto Recanati), Gio’ Ferraiolo, Teatro Pirata Jesi, Compagnia Nanirossi (Verona), Jeu de Dames (Ischia), Nando and Maila, Il Carretto dei Sogni – Teatro Instabile d’Immaginazione (Giffoni Valle Piana), Ludoteca Playhouse, Legnogiocando, Bruno Leone, Ciro Girardi e Licio Esposito, Clown DuoDorant (Roma), Compagnia Duo Alegrè, Accademia Perduta (Bagnocavallo, Ravenna), KaraKasa Circus, Veravù, I Chicchi d’Uva, Tititeri Teatro dell’Invenzione (Modena), Compagnia Sirteta, Gruppo Giovanile “Il Calicanto”, Associazione Estro Armonico (Salerno), Mondofefè (Belgio), Teatro del’Osso (Avellino), Dante Cigarini, Associazione A.N.f.A.S.S. Onlus (Salerno), Il Teatro del Sottosuolo (Carbonia), Five Quartet Trio (Roma), Circo Puntino, Marco Borghetti, Pastrocchio Lab di Giuseppe Foggiano, Terzostudio (Ponte a Egola, Pisa), Baracca dei Buffoni (Arzano), NomadAdventure (Etiopia).



Two exhibitions at 2013 Giffoni Experience: “ArtForeverYoung”, curated by Salvatore Colantuoni, with 18 contemporary artists who presented their paintings, sculptures, photographies, videos, installations who met GENERATOR +13, GENERATOR +16 and MASTERCLASS EXPERIENCE jurors who then awarded the Hospira for art award; “Forever Young through Art”, third editions of painting competitions “In Cammino Verso l’Arte”, The exhibitions organized by Angelo Azzurro, supported by Giffoni Experience and Giffoni Valle Piana:The exhibition was split into two sections “Urban Art” and “Contemporary Art”, nd took place at the Antica Ramiera/Old Copper Factory, ; “Talisman”, by Pietro Loffredo, curated by journalist Erminia Pellecchia, was arranged at the San Francesco Monastery and promoted by AURA.



CALL FOR ARTISTS was meant to support and help young creative talent and help them develop as professionals and find a job in Italy and Europe. the idea was to make Giffoni a hub where young creative talent can meet and share their innovative ideas and find support for their startups. This was also meant to be a hub for and spae where Giffoni Experience ex jurors could present their creative and artistic works. Jurors had the opportunity to get to know more about the crowd-funding  system created in collaboration with Derev, one of te most popular crowdfunding platforms in Italy.



After over 40 years of research and experience, Giffoni felt the need to open up to the market. Giffoni Youth Media Market, was born in 2002, and improved recently. Giffoni Youth Media Market offers professionals of the sector its experience and know-how and aims at promoting cinema for youth especially through the Giffoni Video Library available for all accredited guests and supported by a multi-media and paper catalogue. just like in 2013 the market was held at theOld Copper Factory, which was also the location of the Masterclasses.