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logo 2001


After the end of the 30th annual celebration, 2001 opens giving way to several new initiatives.

Jurors come from: Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Palestine, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, USA.

The GFF 2001 competitive sections offer a wide variety of films for children and youth from 8 to 18 years. "There's only one Jimmy Grimble" triumphs at Free to Fly ("Jimmy Grimble" is the title of the film distributed in Italy), while the American "Race to Space" (starring James Wood) wins at First Screens. "Around the Fire" is the winner at Rear Window.
"Doctor Dolittle 2", "Spy Kids", "Jurassic Park III" are the incredible premieres at the GFF

As for the guest stars of this edition International film stars such as American director OLIVER STONE, producer DINO DE LAURENTIIS, actors RAY LIOTTA and GIOVANNI RIBISI and a very young JAMIE BELL (starring in "Billy Elliot") who  wins the Explosive Talent Award and "Jurassic Park III" special effect supervisor, EDDIE PASQUARELLO. Amongst Italian film stars: GABRIELE MUCCINO, LEONARDO PIERACCIONI, KIM ROSSI STUART, TONINO ACCOLLA (Eddie Murphy and Homer Simpson's dubber), stunning ANNA FALCHI and SABRINA FERILLI, I FICHI D'INDIA, GIULIO SCARPATI and young actors JASMINE TRINCA and MARCO COCCI. LECH WALESA, incredible historical protagonist of last century, meets the Y Gen jurors.

The debates at Y-Gen are incredibly lively and stimulating thanks to the participation of PIERLUIGI DIACO, FRANCESCA CHEYENNE, VALERIO CAPRARA, PAOLO GAMBESCIA, TAMARA DONÀ, PAOLO CREPET, Don GINO RIGOLDI and CLAUDIO COCCOLUTO.

This is also the fist annual ofi Giffoni Music Concept, where young talents are awarded: The band LA CAMERA MIGLIORE meet CARMEN CONSOLI in Giffoni. She will become their producer.