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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2016 - 15.24 July

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As human beings we travel to question ourselves and aim at finding our paths for self-fulfillment. The final destination is often the engine but what kind of destinations does the festival have in mind? Individual destinations like the ones the youth seek as a first opportunity to free themselves from their parents’ glance, a destination of freedom, though a very “safe one”. They look for themselves in a moment in their lives when “finding” oneself is the most precious destination. Collective destinations. No hero travels alone, even when they feel they are. There is always a mentor to show them the way. The mentors in Giffoni are often the films in competition. Is there anything better than a good movie to show you the way? Or a great thespian opening their hearts about their life and career experiences? There is no journey without a conflict. When you set off on a journey you have to let go of some things in order to find some others. It is always better to leave and set off with a half empty suitcase. The jurors’ cases are always half empty, with little experience inside, but big enough to welcome new adventures. In order to go to beautiful destinations you need to make sure your suitcases are filled with beauty. Last but not least we feel the need to mention the stories of all the migrants who set off on their journeys as they run away from war and hunger to unknown destinations. But we wish to do this in our way and there is nothing better than art to put things into the right perspective.



Gary Baseman, multi-hyphenate contemporary artist of visual communication, is the creator of 46th Giffoni Film Festival Manifesto. Baseman is the creator of unique iconographic ideas mingling the imaginative naivety of childhood with the more complex universe of adulthood, the artist delivers to the festival a work combining his signature style with the 2016 theme.



The world meets in Giffoni. Our international jurors for 2016 come from the following Countries: Albania, Argentina (San Martín de los Andes), Armenia (Yerevan), Australia (Adelaide), Azerbaijan (Baku), Belarus (Minsk), Belgium (Antwerp), Brazil (Barra do Pirai), China (Guangzhou), Croatia (Zagreb), Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark (Copenaghen), Dominican Republic, Egypt (Cairo), England (London), France (Laon, Rouen), Georgia (Tbilisi), Germany (Berlin), Greece (Athens), Hungary (Piliscsaba), India (New Delhi), Ireland (Dublin), Israel (Jerusalem), Jordan (Amman), Lebanon (Beirut), Macedonia (Skopje), Malta (Gozo, Valletta), Mexico (Guanajuato), Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan (Lahore), Poland (Tarnów), Qatar (Doha), Romania (Slatina), Russia (Moscow), Serbia (Belgrade), Slovenia (Ljubljana), South Africa (Johannesburg), South Korea (Seoul), Spain (Gijon, Madrid), Sweden (Norsborg), Switzerland (Locarno), Tunisia (Sousse), Turkey (Istanbul), USA (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle), Uzbekistan (Tashkent).



Stories about friendship beyond any prejudice, bravery and resolution, will of redemption, problems of adolescence: these are the themes of the 105 movies selected for this Giffoni Experience edition, presented in sections Elements +3 (3-5 years old), Elements +6 (6-9), Elements +10 (10-12), Generator +13 (13-15), Generator +16 (16-17), Generator +18 (18+) and GEx Doc.

The Gryphon Award for best Generator +18 feature film goes to URBAN HYMN. It was a predicted win, after the great welcome of Festival jurors for this movie, directed by Scottish Michael Caton-Jones, the director of "This boy's life" (performed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, 1993), "Rob Roy" (with Tim Roth, 1995), "The Jackal" (performed by Bruce Willis and Richard Gere, 1997), and "Scandal". Set against the backdrop of the 2011 British summer riots, URBAN HYMN is a redemptive coming of age story set in South-West London and follows wayward teen, Jamie. Encouraged by inspiring and unconventional social worker Kate, to use singing as a release, Jamie’s loyalties soon become torn between Kate and her possessive and volatile best friend, Leanne. Second place for CHICKEN, directed by English Joe Stephenson.

In Generator +16 section the Gryphon Award goes to THE VIOLIN TEACHER, directed by Brazilian Sérgio Machado. The violinist Laerte has prepared himself for many years to be a part of most important Latin America symphonic orchestra. At the audition, his burden is too heavy and victim of a nervous hack, he can’t play. After a temporary disorientation, he rediscovers pleasure of playing. When all seems to be going well, Laerte finds out about a new audition. He faced with a dilemma, and the choice isn’t easy: Laerte postpones for as long as he can, but decides to leave the school. Second place for MY NAME IS EMILY, directed by Irish Simon Fitzmaurice.

The winner of Generator +13 is the French FANNY'S JOURNEY, by Lola Doillon. In 1943, Germany is occupying France. Fanny (13 y.o.) and her little sisters were sent by their parents to a foster home for Jewish children. When the Nazis arrive on Italian territory, members of the OSE desperately organize the departure of the children to Switzerland. Fanny and her sisters are among those traveling to the border. These 11 children suddenly left on their own will do the impossible to reach the Swiss border in order to survive. Second place for FOG IN AUGUST, by German Kai Wessel.

The Gryphon Award for Elements +10 goes to NELLY'S ADVENTURE, by German Dominik Wessely. Thirteen-year-old Nelly’s holiday in Romania takes a very dramatic turn when she accidentally discovers her family’s secret plan to relocate there. Running away to avoid the reality of her fate, she walks straight into the hands of kidnappers! Their leader is an unscrupulous German engineer, plotting to destroy her father’s energy project by forcing the family to leave the country. Together with the help of the mysterious Mr. Holzinger, Nelly’s parents mount a desperate search for their daughter. Nelly, in turn, befriends two young Romanian siblings, Tibi and Roxana, who aid her in her adventurous escape. Together, they cross mountains and rivers, flee from a dungeon, board a moving train, ‘borrow’ a car and become the heroes of the day! Second place for TSATSIKI, DAD AND THE OLIVE WAR, by Swedish Lisa James-Larsson.

The Elements +6 winner is THE WILD SOCCER BUNCH - THE LEGEND LIVES!, by German Joachim Masannek. Leo, his brother Elias, Finn, Oskar, Joshua and Matze are obsessed with football. Though they’ve heard the legend of the Wild Soccer Bunch, they don't believe it… until they find a mysterious map that leads them to a strange place that may prove it to be true. They find themselves among the legendary "Wild boys" and have been chosen as the successors of the originals, who are now adults. The boys then begin training hard and hire a coach, Willie. They must also deal with the fact that they are joined by a seventh "player", Müller, who turns out to be a girl. Second place for ZIP & ZAP AND THE CAPTAIN'S ISLAND by Spanish Oskar Santos.

The winner of GEx Doc section is REAL BOY, by American Shaleece Haas, the story of Bennett Wallace, a transgender teenager on a journey to find his voice as a musician. Along the way, Bennett forges a powerful friendship with his idol, Joe Stevens, a celebrated transgender musician with his own demons to fight. Second place for DREAMING OF DENMARK, by Danish Michael Graversen.

In short films, the winners are: BEAUTIFUL by Alessandro Capitani (Italy, Generator +18 fiction), BLIND VAYSHA by Theodore Ushev (Canada, Generator +18 animation), ZOMBRIELLA by Benjamin Gutsche (Germany, Elements +10), REAL STRENGHT by Svend Colding (Denmark, Elements +6), CROCODILE by Julia Ocker (Germany, Elements +3). In the section Parental Control “Destination Italy” the winner is IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE directed by Italian Valerio Attanasio.



The magic Disney was leading of Giffoni Film Festival with FINDING DORY, which opened this Festival edition.
On 16th July it was time to GHOSTBUSTERS, directed by Paul Feig, performed by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. WARNER BROS. PICTURES brings to Giffoni another great preview: ME BEFORE YOU, by Thea Sharrock, performed by British talent Sam Claflin (Festival guest), based on Jojo Moyes's best-seller.
Another Giffoni preview is NEW YORK ACADEMY, the movie set between New York skyscrapers that celebrates dancing and music through young artists' desires and dreams. Distributed by Eagle Pictures, also come to Giffoni the young performer Nicholas Galitzine and the couple of authors Michael and Janeen Damian.
Sky proposed FUNGUS THE BOGEYMAN, a TV film in live-action produced by Imaginarium Studios Production for Sky Television and based on the same name children's book by Raymond Briggs. The young British actor Dean-Charles Chapman, Tommen Baratheon in "Game of Thrones" TV series, comes to Giffoni to introduce this movie.



On 15th July was submitted the animation movie IQBAL, A TALE OF A FEARLESS CHILD, directed by Babak Payami and Michel Fuzellier. On Sunday 17th July special event with GATTA CENERENTOLA's directors, the new animation film by Neapolitan factory Mad Entertainment. Echological, economy and social crisis are in TOMORROW, by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, a documentary investigating in ten different countries what could cause disaster and especially how to avoid it. Magic with two Rainbow events: MAGGIE & BIANCA FASHION FRIENDS, the first completely live action work produced by Winx 'dad' Iginio Straffi, and REGAL ACADEMY, the new animated series by Rai YoYo created by Straffi and co-produced by Rainbow and Rai Fiction. On 22nd July it's time for EQUALS, the romantic fantascientific movie directed by Drake Doremus and performed by Nicholas Hoult (Festival guest in the same day). A BAG OF MARBLES by Christian Duguay was proposed to Festival jurors on 23rd July with a special teaser preview.



This is the competitive section meant for the short films made by young film makers and students in collaboration with schools or cultural organizations, which can submit their works to the Giffoni Festival over the year. These works are later published on the GFF website and undergo the community evaluation; the highest rated will eventually have the honour of being screened during the festival. The section is divided according to the age range of the young film makers – 6 to 10 years, 11 to 13 years and 14 to 20 years; each category will be awarded two prizes: “Best short film” and “Domestic audience award”.



VALERIO MASTANDREA, coming off a performance in "Perfect Strangers", directed by Paolo Genovese, was first GFF 2016 guest. On 16th July it's time for a feminine trio: GABRIELLA PESSION, ANTONIA LISKOVA and ELENA RADONICICH, while Sunday 17th July come in Giffoni ALESSANDRO TERSIGNI and the Roman actor RICKY MEMPHIS. In the same day jurors and visitors met "Gomorrah" cast, otherwise MARCO D'AMORE, SALVATORE ESPOSITO, CRISTIANA DELL'ANNA, CRISTINA DONADIO, FABIO DE CARO and MARCO PALVETTI. On 18th July comes to Giffoni the first international guest: NICHOLAS GALITZINE, "New York Academy" performer. In the same day we met also ILENIA PASTORELLI ("They call me Jeeg"). On 19th July: chef MARCO BIANCHI and wonderful MIRIAM LEONE ("1992"). Wednesday 20th July: LUCA MARINELLI (David di Donatello for best supporting actor in "They call me Jeeg"). Seventh GFF day with SAM CLAFLIN ("Hunger Games", "Me Before You") and the 'explosive' CHIARA FRANCINI ("Tutti pazzi per amore"). On 22nd July it's time for MIKA, NICHOLAS HOULT ("About a boy", "X-Men"), GIULIO BERRUTI ("È arrivata la felicità"). JENNIFER ANISTON arrived on 23rd July. The same day jurors also met CLAUDIO SANTAMARIA and SIMONE MONTEDORO ("Don Matteo"). In the closing day there was cast of BRACCIALETTI ROSSI and wonderful MADALINA GHENEA.



Giffoni Masterclass, the traditional insight into the film industry, is back for the  8th consecutive year and ready to split into three. The upcoming edition will be organized, in fact,  in cooperation with BadTaste.it. There will be a BadAcademy (from July 16 to 23) hosted by film critic Francesco Alò (Badtaste, Rolling Stones, Il Messaggero) who will analyze 8 different films by various  prestigious filmmakers with the jurors in the morning. In the afternoon the masterclassers will meet the masters whose films they saw in the morning,  in the wonderful setting of Antica Ramiera. Amongst the names selected to assist the youth in their training course are some of the highest-rated filmmakers and thespians of the moment. On July 16 the Masterclass will start with actor MARCO D’AMORE, who’s just back from the successful "Gomorrah" season 2, director FRANCESCO GHIACCIO, whose feature length "A safe place" is also included in the Parental Control Section, and director FRANCESCO APOLLONI, who’s currently working in pre-production for "La Prova", which he also wrote. On July 17 it will be the turn of the most eclectic and prolific duo of Italian cinema and television, the MANETTI BROS., whose latest works includes popular TV series "L’ispettore Coliandro". On the same day the masterclassers will also have the chance to meet PATRICK MORAN, executive vice president of ABC Studios, the famous American Broadcasting Company which produced successful TV series such as "Grey’s Anatomy", "Quantic", "Scandal" and "Secrets and Lies". He’s currently working on his new series "Dead of Summer". Director GABRIELE MAINETTI will be back at Giffoni on July 18, after his first successful feature "They call me Jeeg", which won no less than 7 David di Donatello awards, including Best Director. On the same day the jurors will also meet director CLAUDIO GIOVANNESI, whose work "Fiore" is in competition in the Parental Control section. "Una vita tranquilla" and "Alaska" are just a few among the many works by director CLAUDIO CUPELLINI, who will give his masterclass on July 19. After triumphing at the latest David di Donatello Awards with his "Tale of Tales", based on "Lo Cunto de li Cunti" by Giambattista Basile, on July 20 director MATTEO GARRONE will attend the Giffoni Festival, where he will be awarded the 2016 François Truffaut Award and also meet the young masterclassers. On the following day (July 21) Italian film-maker PAOLO GENOVESE will be helming his Masterclass, telling anecdotes and secrets about his acclaimed feature "Perfect Strangers". On July 22, for the second consecutive year, director IVAN COTRONEO will be back at Giffoni to discuss teenage bullying, with his latest masterpiece "One Kiss". The jurors will also meet ANTONIO CATANIA, actor and delegate of NUOVOIMAIE association. The Masterclass will end on July 23 with Roman director MATTEO ROVERE and his film "Italian Race", starring Stefano Accorsi and loosely based on the life of rally driver Carlo Capone.

Masterclass Off is a brand new collateral section of the Giffoni Film Festival Masterclasses, which will be moderated by journalist Gianmaria Tammaro. It aims at giving young aspiring talent - wannabe actors, directors or people interested in entertainment and show business - the chance to meet professionals of Italian cinema and television. Compared with the traditional format, there will be a moderator interviewing the guests and a more dynamic formula. During the conversation video clips and short films will be screened. The style is very informal and playful, inspired by the typical American Late Shows and the jurors will have the chance to participate too, asking questions and making comments.
Masterclass Off,  aims at giving the audience and jurors the opportunity to meet and get to know better the new emerging faces and talent of the Italian entertainment and film industry, thus promoting an exchange of ideas, experiences and thoughts. Among the guests of Masterclass Off are CRISTIANA DELL’ANNA (July 16 ), MACCIO CAPATONDA (July 17), LORENZO RICHELMY (July 18), GIAMPAOLO MORELLI (July 19). The new section will end with three female rising stars of Italian cinema: MATILDE GIOLI (July 20), GRETA SCARANO (July 21) and SARA SERRAIOCCO (July 22).



Giffoni Experience 2016 will beat to the rhythm of local Regional sound. Made in Campania in fact will be the music accompaniment for the 10 days of the festival. The programme includes 10 free live events and 18 artists – either bands or solo artists – who will perform on stage from July 15 to 24 in Piazza Lumière at Giffoni Valle Piana, starting from ENZO GRAGNANIELLO’s poetic and sophisticated atmospherics (July 18), NICCOLÒ AGLIARDI’s songs for “Braccialetti Rossi” (July 24), EUGENIO BENNATO’s taranta power (July 21), ALMAMEGRETTA’s dub (July 20), ENZO AVITABILE & I BOTTARI (July 19) will share the stage with talented URBAN STRANGERS, ANDREA D’ALESSIO, LELIO MORRA (July 23), THE SHAK&SPEARES, STREET CLERKS and CIUFFI ROSSI (July 22). There will also be a “Gomorra Sound” night (July 17), with performances by MOKADELIC, NTÒ and LUCARIELLO, who wrote and played the famous TV series original soundtrack. The music programme will start on Friday July 15 with SPRAY, a show by the young students from the Caracciolo Junior Musical School of Salerno. The music programme also includes two artists who made a lifestyle of travelling and integration, proving that tolerance and sharing can make successful artists and suitable models to copy: Tunisian-Neapolitan actress-singer M’BARKA BEN TALEB (July 19) and Kazakh SON PASCAL from Salerno (July 18). All the live shows will be hosted by sharp-tongued rocker blogger-journalist Anna Trieste. Apart from the night shows, the Giffoners will also have the chance to meet the musicians at the Cittadella del Cinema. During the Campania Sound Experience Maestro Tullio De Piscopo will receive a special prize honouring his 50-year-long career.



Next Generation is back, with its collection of events dealing with innovation projects for young people, organized by Giffoni Innovation Hub creative agency at Antica Ramiera. In collaboration with Optima Italia, Giffoni Hub will place a bet on talented youth aged less than 26, through the Dream Team experience. The team of creative youth coming from all over the world will be given 10 days’ time to develop two ideas for cultural industries and for the Multimedia Valley.
Giffoni Big Data will start at the same time, the very first collection and elaboration of data concerning the wide community of the people attending the Festival, which will make Giffoni an experimental digital platform of market tests for companies, organizations and public bodies. On July 20 the Cittadella del Cinema will host the national final of the "TechGarage 2016 - A scuola di startup 2016" tour, a project by auLAB and dPixel promoted by Associazione Techgarage, Microsoft Youth Spark and Fondazione Cariplo with the support of Hp Italia and Cisco Italia. The competition promotes the development of innovative projects, involving over 5 thousand youth aged 16 to 20 on more than 100 business ideas. 10 finalists will face one another on stage in Sala Truffaut until the 3 winners are announced. The contest will be hosted by Gianluca Dettori, chairman of  dPixel and Shark on Italia1 TV channel.
The schedule includes three Round Tables: the first, on July 20, is about Public Administration 3.0, in collaboration with internet company axélero, and is aimed at suggesting specific strategies that can enable public administration to interact effectively with the new generations through social media. The second, on July 21, deals with the Sharing Economy and will host prestigious speakers such as a number of representatives from Intergruppo Innovazione (that is members of the Italian Parliament and the Senate who try to promote technological development in Italy); the last, on July 22, discusses the possible new dimensions and original scenarios for creative industries. On July 23 the Crowfunding Day, promoted by Giffoni Crowdfunding and Derev, will focus on a new fundraising strategy based on the slogan “If your business idea is good, people will finance it”. Among the many guests is Riccardo Luna, advisor of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi for the digital economy and an authority on the subject, who will present his documentary "Login: Il giorno in cui l'Italia scoprì internet". During Next Generation Giffoni Village will also host the Digital Labs, a series of workshops on robotics, electronics and augmented reality curated by Poste Italiane for the purpose of promoting digital culture among children and youth aged 6 to 13.



12 locations scattered all over the town, over 50 companies coming from Italy, Kenya, India and many other Countries, a programme including over 250 performances of theatre, story-telling, jugglers, clowns, soap bubbles, puppets, circus acrobats, plus an amazing night to celebrate the Indian festival of colours: that’s the crowded programme of Giffoni Street Fest, that is the Giffoni Experience embracing and enlivening all Giffoni Valle Piana.



Once again the Festival will get massive TV coverage. Starting from July 11 (at 9.15) Mediaset channels will broadcast Ragazzi al Cinema/Youth at the Cinema, a selection of the best films in competition during the past editions. Throughout the festival Italia 1and Canale 5 will launch the insight “Destination Giffoni” and special coverage (after the 13.00 TG5 news and before Studio Aperto 12.25 edition). Breaking news will be covered by TgCom 24, thanks to journalist and director Paolo Liguori. On Iris there will be daily windows with live coverage from the Cittadella, while Rete 4 will be at Giffoni on Sunday July 17 with the traditional live mass. On Sunday July 24 the celebration will be broadcast live thanks to Montecorvino Pugliano municipality.
Rai TV, Italy's national public broadcasting company, will also cover the Festival. Rai Fiction also strengthens its link with Giffoni Festival through the "Braccialetti Rossi" cast, who will be among this year’s guest.
The Festival will also get radio coverage on Rai Radio 2, with two daily specials from July 15 to 24.Sky Cinema Family, on its part, will broadcast a selection of the best movies from the latest editions, on prime time from Friday July 15 to Sunday July 17, in addition to daily news and specials on Sky Cine Newsand live news on SkyTg24.
Gex live, the web streaming channel which scored millions of contacts last years, becoming a special case in Italy, will cover the festival once more. Giffoni Experience will be also aired live on LiRa Tv with interviews and live coverage from the Blue Carpet.
Last but not least, Radio Giffoni will be back from July 15 to 24 on Radio Flash, FM 93.800 and in streaming, with live action from the Festival, guests, interviews and the latest news.



Once more Giffoni Film Festival Official teaser is made up of evocative images inspired by this year’s theme. The video is by Luca Apolito, Giffoni Experience Digital Media Department director. Credits also include: Gianvincenzo Nastasi (executive producer), Francesco Paglioli (director of photography), Chiara Pepe (art director) and Lorenzo Maffia (original music). It’s about a journey which is set to change both the travellers and the world they set off to visit. The young jurors of the upcoming festival are, as usual the real protagonists. This is just the beginning of a journey for all the youth from around the world that will be coming to Giffoni soon, a journey that is set to go through endless paths where cinema and amazing new experiences will be discovered. Giffoni is just a stage, the first destination, a turning point aimed at showing countless new roads.



Meetings with the highest authorities that struggle for legality and against corruption, educational projects promoting road safety and responsible sexuality, appeals launched by the main humanitarian agencies working in Italy and abroad: Giffoni 2016 opens an important window on social issues and legality, thanks to Aura, the social side of Giffoni Experience, and in collaboration with Amnesty International, ASL Salerno, Italian Red Cross, Legambiente, Doctors Without Borders, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù di Roma, Polizia Locale di Milano, Soccorso Amico, Telefono Azzurro, which will discuss their latest projects over the festival with Giffoni youth and their families.
A two-day meeting, strongly promoted by the GFF managing and artistic direction, will be held on July 18 and 19, hosting the highest authorities which fight every day against organized crime, such as the Carabinieri, the National Authority Against Corruption (Anac) and the Procura, with the participation of Anac President Raffaele Cantone, Sostituto Procuratore Nazionale Antonio Laudati and Procuratore Capo of Italian Republic at Salerno Palace of Justice Corrado Lembo. Here it was presented "Il ragazzo che sognava un bar", a movie realized by Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Statale Cine-TV "Roberto Rossellini". The movie is part of a project produced by Rossellini Foundation with the Comando Generale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri and realized by Scuola Ufficiali dell'Arma.