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Twelve days of amazing cinema, meetings and energy stemming from the young jurors and our audience. About 2000 children and youth from 31 Countries (amongst the others Albania, Australia, Belarus, Iran, Israel, South Africa, Tunisia) and numerous Italian provinces. The theme of 2007, CONFINI, marked all the after film discussions and meetings with film stars, show business and culture guests.

5 competitive sections: Kidz (6-9), First Screens for children aged 9-12, Free To Fly for children aged 12-14, Y Gen for youth aged 15-19, Troubled Gaze for youth aged 16 and adults. The films presented at this annual were of great quality: 118 both feature and short films.

The winners of this annual were: "Mid-Road Gang" by Pantham Thongsang - Somkiat Vithuranich (Thailand) (Best Feature KIDZ), "For All the Marbles" by Kris Booth (Canada) (best short); "Kidz in da Hood" by Ylva Gustavsson - Catti Edfeldt (Sweden) (best feature FIRST SCREENS), "Filiz in Flight" by Sylke Rene Meyer (Germany, best short), "Michou d'Auber" by Thomas Gilou (France, best feature FREE TO FLY), "A Recaptured Glance" by Marco Ottavio Graziano (Italy, best short). GRAN PRIX FREE TO FLY JURY "Michou d'Auber". "Keith" by Todd Kessler (USA, best feature Y GEN), "Little Man" by Esben Tønnesen (Denmark, best short), GRAN PRIX Y GEN JURY "Eagle vs. Shark" by Taika Waititi (New Zealand), "Little Martin" by Violaine Bellet (France, best short TROUBLED GAZE).

For children aged from 6 to 9 live outdoor plays and films took place at the Orange Garden in the town’s main square, Kids in Wonderland, i.e. 6 live shows for the young jurors. Puppets, and actors capable of enchanting and surprise the younger ones. The winner was "Pulcinella e la Cassa Magica" performed by a theatre company from Castellamare di Stabia near Naples.

Music is an essential element for youth culture. Amazing gigs and shows took place at the Albero Sordi Arena at the Cinema village. The Giffoni Music Concept section saw the triumph of new Italian musicians. The GMC jurors, moreover had the opportunity to meet and speak with their music heroes during the POW WOW sessions, afternoon meetings hosted by Paolo Bamonte.

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" was one of the great premieres the festival had the honour and privilege to host. Reload screened films for youth and families which opened at Italian cinemas in 2006/2007 the aim was to give the audience the chance to rediscover and see again amazing films of great quality often forgotten by the market logic. Adults had the opportunity to see European short films screened at the non competitive section Boundaries dealing with this particular theme. The non competitive sections Little Rascals, also screened European animated short films for children aged 3-5. Last but not least GFF made short films with the aid of schools which were screened during the Festival.

Incredible Italian and International honorees met the jurors and the audiences on the red carpet and at the cinema big names such as DANNY DEVITO, ROMAN POLANSKI, JIM CAVIEZEL. The GFF also confirmes its deep interest and attention towards many organisations dealing with the safeguarding and defense of human rights supportino projects aimed at raising awareness of youth towards issues strictly linked to their own world and well being. On the Road Movie, GnamFest, Telefono Azzurro, Amnesty International, CIAL, Legambiente, Greenpeace are the names of some of these projects.