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manifesto vert new


The Giffoni theme AIR is used to talk to the new generations in a fundamental reflection which, for the good of the planet, must be transformed into an ecological promise. The image - created by Luca Apolito and Chiara Pepe evokes a series of suggestions, ideas and hypotheses collected over time, in some cases as evident signs, others hidden as fun secrets to be discovered. The first studies on  air, also from an artistic perspective, are attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and 2019 was the 500th anniversary of the death of this incredible genius. In the image, Leonardo's machines fly over a fantastic city, where a population in turmoil wants to reach the sky, go as high as possible, travel far away, cross the invisible border of AIR that separates the real world from the fictional one. At the highest point, in the center, an ancestral and powerful creature, generated by the dreams of men, prepares to go further, where every moment marks the birth of new worlds, beyond the darkness of the mystery you can see a light, countless opportunities that stem from imagination. Leonardo's enthusiasm for the idea of ​​flight, the possibility of overcoming the 'resistant AIR' becomes an invitation to dream, the desire to overcome borders, limits and barriers.


6200 jurors - 500 more than last year – from 46 countries: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, South Korea, Croatia, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iraq, Ireland Israel, Japan, Jordan, Italy, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Malta, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Hungary. 
There are 7 competitive sections and master classes dedicated to Cult, Connect, Eco and Music&Radio. 
The jurors’ jerseys are branded Original Marines.


104 works in competition selected among 4100 works in the pre-selection. The films will be presented in the seven competitive sections of the Festival: Elements +3 (from 3 to 5 years old), Elements +6 (from 6 to 9 years old), Elements +10 (from 10 to 12 years old), Generator +13 (from 13 to 15 years old), Generator +16 (from 16 to 17 years old), Generator +18 (18 and over) and Gex Doc and Parental Experience (sections dedicated to teachers, parents and filmgoers).
Three features out of competition for the youngest jury of the festival: COCONUT THE LITTLE DRAGON - INTO THE JUNGLE by Anthony Power (Germany, 2018), LOTTE AND THE LOST DRAGONS by Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits (Lettonia/Estonia, 2019) and PETTSON AND FINDUS - FINDUS MOVES HOUSE byi Ali Samadi Ahadi (Germany, 2018) distributed by Wild Bunch.
23 short films in competition: BECOLORED (Italy, 2019) by Maurizio Forestieri, THE IMAGINARY FRIENDS SHOP by the BigRock students (Italy, 2019), A GOOD HEART by Evgeniya Jirkova (Russia, 2018), A TIGER WITH NO STRIPES by Raul ‘Robin’ Morales Reyes (France, 2018), Nicolas Deveaux three films ATHLETICUS: ARTISTIC GYMNASTIC RINGS, ATHLETICUS: GYM KEEPER,  ATHLETICUS: SYNCHRONISED TRAMPOLINE (France, 2019) and COUCOULEURS by Oana Lacroix (Switzerland, 2018), GIRAFFE by Julia Ocker (Germania, 2018), HUG ME. BIG ONE AND SMALL ONE by Tomasz Miazga (Poland, 2019), HUGO & HOLGER by Teddy Halkier Kristiansen (Denmark, 2019), I HAVE A LITTLE CACTUS by Meike Fehre (Germany, 2019), INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S SONGS byi Maya Rothkirch (Germany, 2019), KOYAA - ELUSIVE PAPER by Kolja Saksida (Slovenia, 2019), THE LAST DAY OF AUTUMN by Marjolaine Perreten (Switzerland, 2019), MILES AWAY by Barbara Brunner (Switzerland, 2018), MOKA by Valeria Weerasinghe (UK, 2019), THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING by Arna Selznick (Canada, 2018), THE NIGHT FAIRYTALE by Maria Stepanova (Russia, 2019), PINS AND NEEDLES by Julien Celin and Kerrie Costello (Ireland, 2018), SHEEP by Julia Ocker (Germany, 2018), SMALL SPARK by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville (France, 2019) SWEETIE PIE by Claudia Röthlin and Yves Gutjahr (Switzerland, 2018).
Friendship, family, magic and the first challenges that come with growing up: are the main themes of the Elements +6 films. The features are: ADVENTURES OF SAINT NICHOLAS by Semen Gorov (Ukraine, 2018), distributed by Big Hand Films; DOUBLE TROUBLE - THE MAGICAL MIRROR by Marcus H. Rosenmuller (Germany, 2019), distributed by Arri Media International; JACOB, MIMMI AND THE TALKING DOGS by Edmunds Jansons (Lettonia, 2019), distributed by New Europe Film Sales; JERRYMAYA DETECTIVE AGENCY - THE FIRST MYSTERY by Josephine Bornebusch (Sweden, 2018), distributed by Sf Studio; PHANTOM OWL FOREST by Anu Aun (Estonia, 2018), distributed by Attraction Distribution; RACETIME by Benoit Godbout (Canada, 2018), distributed by Pink Parrot Media; ROCCA CHANGES THE WORLD by Katja Benrath (Germany, 2019), distributed by Beta Cinema. 
The shorts are: BIG WOLF & LITTLE WOLF by Rémi Durin (France/Belgium, 2018), BRUISED by Rok won Hwang and Samantha Tu (USA, 2019), DAD by Atle Blakseth and Einar Dunsæd (Norway, 2019), LIKE AND FOLLOW by Tobias Schlage and Brent Forrest (Japan, 2019), PAPER KITE by Assia Kovanova (Bulgaria, 2019), SHAUL AND IVAN by Rebecca Akoun (Austria, 2019), WHITE CROW by Miran Miošić (Croatia, 2018) and ZIBILLA by Isabelle Favez (Switzerland, 2019).
Stories about growing up capable of moving the right spots and giving  the jurors food for thought  . Among the films in competition: ALONE IN SPACE by Ted Kjellsson (Sweden, 2018), distributed by Trustnordisk; MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER WITH TESS by Steven Wouterlood (Holland/Germany, 2019), distributed by Picture Tree International; ROMY'S SALON by Mischa Kamp (Holland, 2019), distributed by Attraction Distribution; STORM BOY by Shawn Seet (Australia, 2019), distributed by Kathy Morgan International and Ambience Entertainment; TEACHER by Siddharth Malhotra (India, 2018), distributed by Raj Films; TOO FAR AWAY by Sarah Winkenstette (Germany, 2019), distributed by Weydemann Bros; YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE by Xu Geng (China, 2018), distributed by Attraction Distribution. Eight, shorts in competition: THE SCHOOL TRIP by Salvatore Allocca (Italy, 2018), PRAYER TO SAN GENNARO by Cristina Buoninfante (Italy, 2018), NEW NEIGHBOURS by Andrea Mannino, Sara Burgio and Giacomo Rinaldi (Italy, 2018), BOG HOLE by Torfinn Iversen (Norway, 2018), DISREPUTE by Stephane Mounkassa and Stefan Sundin (Sweden, 2019), DOZE by Alfonso Acosta (Colombia, 2019), FISHNET AND THE FISH by Ali Nikfar (Iran, 2018), ROBOT WILL PROTECT YOU by Nicola Piovesan (Estonia, 2018).
The complexity of the first love relationships, the elaboration of mourning and the search for oneself are some of the themes that emerge from the feature films chosen for the section:
BLINDED BY THE LIGHT (United Kingdom, 2019) by Gurinder Chadha, best known for Bend it like Beckham. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in Italy; A COLONY by Genevieve Dulude-De Celles (Canada, 2019), distributed by Indie Sales; KNOCKOUT by Gholam Reza Ramezani (Iran, 2019), distributed by Kanoon; MY NAME IS SARA by Steven Oritt (Poland, 2019), distributed by Media Luna New Films; SYSTEM CRASHER by Nora Fingscheidt (Germany, 2019), distributed by Beta Cinema; STUPID YOUNG HEART by Selma Vilhunen (Finland/Holland/Sweden, 2018), distributed by The Yellow Affair and Tuffi Films and WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES, Makoto Nagahisa’s first feature (Japan, 2019), distributed by Nikkatsu Corporation. 
The lightness, the unexpected and the worries of the restless adolescent years are at the center of the feature films chosen for Generator +16: GIANT LITTLE ONES by Keith Behrman (Canada, 2018), distributed by Mongrel International; GOLDIE by Sam De Jong (USA, 2019), distributed by Goldie Films Vice Films; HARAJUKU by Eirik Svensson (Norway, 2018), distributed by Charades; LOVE CUTS by Kosta Dordevic (Serbia, 2019), distributed by Soul Food Films. Ajaì; METEORITES by Romain Laguna (France, 2018), distributed by Indie Sales; ROADS by Sebastian Schipper (Germany/France, 2018), distributed by Hanway Films and  TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG (Chile/Brazil/Qatar, 2018), distributed by Stray Dogs, by Dominga Sotomayor. 
La complessità dei rapporti interpersonali in contesti non sempre facili è il percorso proposto ai Generator +18. Tra i titoli in competizione: FAMILY FIRST di Sophie Dupuis (Canada, 2018), prodotto da Bravo Charlie; GOLIATH di Peter Gronlund (Svezia, 2018), distribuzione internazionale Wild Bunch; SKIN di Guy Nattiv (USA, 2019), distribuzione italiana Sunfilm Group; THE PLACE OF NO WORDS di Mark Webber (Regno Unito/USA/Australia, 2019), distribuzione internazionale Wide Awake Cinema; YOU DESERVE A LOVER di Hafsia Herzi (Francia, 2019), distribuzione internazionale Wild Bunch; CANARY di Christiaan Olwagen (Sud Africa, 2018), distribuzione internazionale Breaking Glass Pictures; YOUNGJU di Cha Sungduk (Corea del Sud, 2018), distribuzione internazionale M-Line Distribution. 
Nove, invece, i corti animati proposti ai Generator +18: BLIESCHOW di Christoph Sarow (Germania, 2019), LISTEN PAPA! di Olga e Tatiana Poliektova (Russia, 2019), PER ASPERA AD ASTRA di Franck Dion (Francia, 2019), PER TUTTA LA VITA di Roberto Catani (Italia/Francia, 2018), SAIGON ON MARNE di Aude Ha Leplège (Belgio, 2019), SELFIES di Claudius Gentinetta (Svizzera, 2018), SONG SPARROW di Farzaneh Omidvarnia (Danimarca, 2019), UNCLE THOMAS di Regina Pessoa (Portogallo, 2019) e WE_SOUNDS di David Carrizales (Spagna, 2019).
Based on true stories in the documentary form are the films selected in GEX DOC: THE HEART OF A DOLL by Antonio Di Domenico (Italy, 2019), distributed by TVCO International Distribution; WHO'S ROMEO by Giovanni Covini (Italy, 2018), produced by Centro Asteria; ANGELS ARE MADE OF LIGHT by James Longley (USA/Denmark, 2018), distributed by The Film Collaborative, Louverture Films and Ro*Co Films International; BRUCE LEE AND THE OUTLAW by Joost Vandebrug (UK/Holland/Czech Republic, 2018), distributed by Taskovski Films and Grain Media; IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS by Maya Newell (Australia, 2019), produced by Closer Productions; IN THE NAME OF YOUR DAUGHTER by Giselle Portenier (Canada/Tanzania/UK, 2018), distributed by DR TV; LITTLE GERMANS by Frank Geiger and Mohammad Farokhmanesh (Germany, 2019), produced by Brave New Work, distributed by Dr Sales. 
Parental Experience is dedicated to parents and filmgoers and includes seven short films: ADAM'S SKIRT by Clément Trehin Lalanne (France, 2018), THE HEDGEHOG'S DILEMMA by Francesca Scalisi (Switzerland, 2019), JUST ME AND YOU by Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers (Canada, 2019), MOTHER AND MILK by Ami Lindholm (Estonia, 2019), PIGGY by Carlota Martínez Pereda (Spain, 2018), SILKWORMS by Carlos Villafaina (Spain, 2018) and SKIN by Guy Nattiv (USA, 2018). 
Targeting the same audience but in the Destinazione Italia section are seven Italian productions i: UN TIPICO NOME DA BAMBINO POVERO by Emanuele Aldrovandi (2019), ANNE by Stefano Malchiodi and Domenico Croce (2019), BARADAR by Beppe Tufarulo (2019), PIANO TERRA by Natalino Zangaro (2018), IL PRIMO GIORNO DI MATILDE by Rosario Capozzolo (2019), PUPONE by Alessandro Guida (2019) and LA REGINA SI ADDORMENTA DOVE VUOLE by Lorenzo Tiberia (2019).


A few days after the release of the fourth chapter, # Giffoni2019 celebrates 24 years of adventures "to infinity and beyond" by proposing in a long marathon:
Toy Story by John Lasseter (USA, 1995, 80’)
Toy Story 2 by Ash Brannon, John Lasseter  (USA, 1999, 92’)
Toy Story 3 by Lee Unkrich (USA, 2010, 109’)
Toy Story 4 by  John Lasseter, Josh Cooley (USA, 2019, 100’)
A tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Man on the Moon from the pioneering magic of Méliès and the visionary genius of Kubrick.
Journey to the moon by Georges Méliès (USA/Hong Kong, 1902, 13’)
2001: Space Odissey by Stanley Kubrick (UK/USA, 1968, 149’)
Apollo 13 by Ron Howard (USA, 1995, 140’)
Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón (UK/USA, 2013, 91’)
First Man by Damien Chazelle (USA/Japan, 2018, 141’)
Visionary, brave, one of a kind: in the year in which the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death is celebrated, the 'Beautiful Minds' exhibition pays tribute to men and women who have crossed the boundaries of what is known to unleash their passions and creativity.
21 July - Shine - Scott Hicks (Australia, 1996, 105’)
22 July - A Beautiful Mind - Ron Howard (USA/UK, 2002, 135’)
23 July - Frida - Julie Taymor (USA/Canada/Mexico, 2003, 123’)
25 July -  The Theory of everything - James Marsh (UK/Japan/USA, 2015, 123’)      
26 July - Van Gogh - Julian Schnabel (Ireland/Switzerland/UK/France/USA, 2019, 111’)


19 July - MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL -Warner Bros Italia/Sony Pictures
20 July - BOOKSMART - Eagle Pictures
22 July  TEEN SPIRIT  with ELLE FANNING - Notorious Pictures.
24 July – The lion king with Italian dubbers: EDOARDO LEO (Timon) and STEFANO FRESI (Pumbaa), - Walt Disney Italia.
25 July -THEN CAME YOU - Vision Distribution
26 July - BATMAN HUSH -Warner Bros Italia


19 July - BERNI E IL GIOVANE FARAONE, by  MARCO CHIARINI, distributed by Walt Disney Italia
21 July - TOLKIEN distributed by 20th Century Fox Italia
KLAUS, by SERGIO PABLOS, distributed by Netflix
22 July – SHAUN THE SHEEP: FARMAGEDDON, by directors RICHARD PHELAN and WILL BECHER, distributed by Koch Media.
23 July - 44 GATTI, WINX CLUB and CLUB 57 , with Riccardo Frascari. Distributed by Rainbow SpA
26 July - SHAZAM, with Italian dubber MAURIZIO MERLUZZO, distributed by Warner Bros Italia.
OLTRE LA SOGLIA, presented by GABRIELLA PESSION distributed by  Mediaset.
Mai Mai Shinko to sennen no mahō airing on TimVision


The goal of Giffoni's masterclasses is to create authentic job opportunities for young people, to open creative and cultural paths where youth are free to unleash their talents, to deliver a wealth of theories and techniques in the hands of the participants to face attractive work scenarios. CONNECT, CULT, ECO, MUSIC & RADIO: four variations of the concept of training.
Direction, screenplay, acting and cinematographic makeup for 120 young people.
The directing laboratory was entrusted to the director and screenwriter Ciro D'Emilio (L'Altro,  Un giorno all’improvviso), the screenwriter - in collaboration this year with the Holden School - Contemporary Humanities to the directors and screenwriters Marco Ponti ( Santa Maradona, I who love only you, Christmas dinner, A reckless life) and Andrea Jublin. The actor Massimiliano Gallo (I do not pay you, Christmas in the Cupiello house, Mine Vaganti, Perez, Miracles are accepted, A reckless life) teacher for the occasion of the acting class, while Special Makeup Studio (a lab specialized in the creation of techniques and special effects used in cinema, television, theater and the entertainment industry) was entrusted with the special makeup effects workshop. Many artists met the masterclassers:
July 19,The giffoners grappling with the special effects of the Sky art film "Io, Leonardo" in a workshop that will involve the director Jesus Garcés Lambert, the executive producer Dimitri Cioffi, the art director Vincenzo Cilurzo, the post-production manager and editor of the film Valentina Corti and visual effects supervisor Giuseppe Squillaci.
July 20, American actor Woody Harrelson and his "Lost in London" and, subsequently, the meeting with the young author Giacomo Mazzariol and the master class with Ciro D’Emilio.
July 21, meeting with the director Fulvio Risuleo, the producer Ludovico Bessegato and the phenomenon Skam Italia.
July 22, it is the turn of the writer Ivan Cotroneo, and of the Stop Animation Workshop with the director of Shaun the Sheep and of the masterclass of Massimiliano Gallo.
July 23, guest of the cult masterclass the director Francesco Ghiaccio together with the actors Valeria Solarino and Marco D’Amore who analyzed their film "Dolcissime". This was followed by the meeting with  actress Vittoria Puccini.
July 24, the youth met one of the most important agents of Italian cinema, Moira Mazzantini and Stefano Accorsi.
July 25, meeting with the actor Alessandro Borghi for the analysis of Matteo Rovere's film "The first king" followed by a meeting with actor Giacomo Ferrara.
July 26, guests of the Master Masterclass the DC Comics designer Carmine Di Giandomenico to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Batman comics and actor Arturo Muselli, while actor and screenwriter Francesco Apolloni was the protagonist of an acting lesson in the morning .
July 27, guests of the last day Filippo Nigro, for a masterclass on being an actor, and Enrico Pau, director, who presented his short film GABRIEL.
Masterclass Connect is the right choice for those interested in the environment we are living in, explore new grounds and have a heart to heart conversation with big names from the world of culture, journalism and politics. Connect invites youth to get out of their comfort zone through the exchange of ideas and opinions and aims at creating “connections”. The program of the current edition includes: 
19 July – director of the Archaeological museum of Paestum Gabriel Zuchtriegel, an Amnesty International delegation, RICREA – Steel packaging recovery and recycling consortium and Mario Lorini, president of ANEC – National Association of cinema operators. 
20 July - Andrea Prete, presidente of CCIAA - Salerno and Unioncamere vicepresident, Hirofumi Nomoto, President of Tokyu Corporation and vicepresidente of the CCIAA in Tokyo to present the Kineko Festival. 
21 July -  Guardia di Finanza and  Telethon
22 July – Director of the National Agency Giovani Domenico De Maio,  professor Domenico De Masi and Andrea Coluccia, Project Officer at Creative Europe desk Media Italia. 
23 July - Carlo Borgomeo President Foundation with the South; Raffaella Milano of Save The Children. 
24 July - project Generazioni Connesse (SIC Italy III), Eleonora Andreatta, Director- Rai Fiction. 
25 July - Luca Cascone, President 4th Commission to city planning and transportation of Regione Campania; professors Giuseppe Tomasso of Electrical engineering of the Università di Cassino and Claudio Rossi of Electrical engineering of the Università di Bologna. 
26 July - Massimo Franco, writer/editor of Il Corriere della Sera, General Giuseppe Governale, Head of the Antimafia investigation department; General Virgilio Pomponi; Head of communication at Polizia Postale Marco Cervellini and inspector Roberta Manzo; The rector of Università Federico II di Napoli Gaetano Manfredi: the rector of Università Suor Orsola Benincasa di Napoli Lucio d’Alessandro; the director of Sistema Italia at Foreign Affairs Vincenzo De Luca; the President of the Regional board of Campania Rosa D’Amelio; Innovation, Startup and internationalization of Regione Campania councillor Valeria Fascione; Equality and youth of Regione Campania councillor Chiara Marciani Social and youth politics in  Regione Campania councillor Lucia Fortini; Budget of  Regione Campania president Franco Picarone.
The masterclassers also met with the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities Alberto Bonisoli; the Minister of Education, University and Research Marco Bussetti; the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities with responsibility for cinema Lucia Borgonzoni; the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs Carlo Sibilia; the Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies Mara Carfagna; the President of the Democratic Party and former President of the Council of the Cabinet Paolo Gentiloni.


The ECO Masterclass was conceived and developed as a platform for raising awareness and training of the present generations on environmental issues. 90 young people aged between 16 and 34 met professionals, experts from the green economy, exceptional testimonials from the green world, case histories of companies particularly committed to the development and dissemination of good practices. Main partners are the CONAI, COMIECO, RILEGNO, COREVE, COREPLA, RICREA and CIAL packaging recovery and recycling consortia, and with the support of ENEA - National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. The writer and journalist Luca Pagliari presented the Masterclass Eco.

The program of activities was divided into three distinct moments:

- Information: meetings with some important players involved in the green economy, good practices and case histories about the green world.

- Training: didactic part of the Eco Masterclass, with technical insights and scientific discussions on alternative energy sources, climate change, reduction of pollution.

- Sensitization: Over 1000 + 10 jurors took part in the Green Games, the interactive video games on the separate collection created by the national packaging recovery and recycling consortia.

19 July - CONAI - Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi (National packaging consortia); Generated, a company that makes eco-sustainable sneakers 100%  thanks to the recycling of tires; Capone & BungtBangt; Head of RICREA – Steel recycling consortia, dr. Roccandrea Iascone.

20 July - Mauro Caruccio, CEO of Toyota Italia; screening of the short Tonino dedicated to Antonio Esposito Ferraioli, a victim of the Camorra in  1978 in Pagani (Sa); don Luigi Ciotti, President of  “Libera”; Gianna Fracassi, Vice secretary of CGIL.

21 July - RILEGNO – recovery and recycling consortia with Nicola Semeraro, presidente ofl Consorzio Rilegno; ENEA, with climatologist Gianmaria Sannino research worker in Antarctica Guido Di Donfrancesco. 

22 July - COMIECO – recovery and recycling consortia based on Cellulosic with manager Roberto Di Molfetta; ENEA, with Engineer Aldo Pizzuto and Artificial Intelligence lab manager                                                                                                            Andrea Zanela. 

23 July - COREVE – recovery and recycling consortia of glass with manager Massimiliano Avella.

24 July  - Valentina Meschiari, communication manager COREPLA – recovery and recycling consortia of plastic; Enrico Fontana, one of the ecocrime promoters and Legambiente manager. 

25 July - Gennaro Galdo, local communication manager Consorzio Cial – recovery and recycling consortia of Aluminum;  l’on. Luca Cascone, president of IV Commissione Regione Campania to city planning, public transport; president  ACI Angelo Sticchi Damiani. 

26 July – l’on. Alessandra Pesce, undersecretary Minister of agricultural politics; l’on. Fulvio Bonavitacola, vice president and councillor to the environment of Regione Campania; Andrea Prete, President  CCIAA - Salerno; Tommaso De Simone, president CCIAA - Caserta and Vicepresidente ofUnioncamere; Leopoldo Angrisani, director CeSMA; Alex Giordano, manager of the program Societing 4.0 and PIDMed; Giuseppe Tripoli, director of Unioncamere; Marianna Palella, Ceo of Citrus; Dario Bocchetti, Manager Energy saving Group of Grimaldi Lines.

27 July - Alessandra Storlazzi, professor of economics and enterprise management UNISOB.


A rich music program with live performances, a rap contest and various master classes with artists. 

19 July masterclass with Anastasio and Enzo Mazza (president Fimi) with Andrea Miccichè (president Nuovo Imaie) and Ferdinando Tozzi (expert jurist copyright) 

20 July - Gli Autogol and Elodie

21 July - Arisa, Jake La Furia, Don Joe

22 July - Shade, Mondo Marcio, Giovanni Allevi 

23 July - Boomdabash, Octopus Records and Davide Desario (Director of Leggo), 

24 July - Daniele Silvestri, Davide “Boosta” Dileo

25 July - Izi and Junior Cally and Label XXXV

26 July - Emis Killa and journalist/writer Gianni Valentino on brand Liberat.

27 July - Mahmood

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