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manifesto verticale 2017THEME: INTO THE MAGIC

There is an ever growing need for magic. It is a necessity that is rooted in the first pangs of humanity. Since then, we have made a lot of progress but the desire to not stop to what our senses perceive and to not to be subjugated by the "banal" reality remains intact. Magic moves away from the resonances of our autobiography, giving us experiences that cannot be traced back to what we are used to seeing every day.

And nothing is more exciting than discovering another world, a possible loophole where imagination and fantasy do not know any physical dams. Perhaps that is why the impressive community of the Giffoni Experience chose INTO THE MAGIC as the theme for this edition.

Inside the magic, to the bottom of the heart of this energy made up of delicate contours, with so many meanings, and as many worlds that it can possibly generate. Everyone likes magic. It enchants children with their "O" shaped mouths. It excites the youth who imagine other possible dimensions. It invites young people, always ready to question their identity and always on the look for some sort of happiness in everyday life. It captures the adults who can break the broken wire with their  inner "little beings”, with their lost former  self child along the way.

In the magic is also the happy scream of those who want to dive into the Giffoni experience, by many perceived as "Magic".

Magical for encounters that shorten generations and distant lands. Magical for film stories that illuminate otherwise invisible, unknown worlds. Magical for the streets and squares of the town (Giffoni Valle Piana) that come into fibrillation with shows, laughter, exorbitant colors and emotions. Magic because it is an experience that can repeat itself every year and each time it is so similar to itself and so yet indescribably different.


It is signed by Doriana Giannattasio, born in 1970, formerly a Giffoni Film Festival juror, as well as a collaborator of the GFF. Her magical creatures are, in fact, born from the fantasy of her daughters, from their little girl creativity. Their mother gave them a graphic shape and then kept them jealously in a notebook until she chose to release them and give them as a gift to the Giffoni audience.


4,600 are the jurors of the edition, coming from Italy, Armenia, China, South Korea, India, Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, England, Ireland, Macedonia, Malta , Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,

Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Jordan, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Qatar.


The sections of the edition are as follows: Elements +3 (3 to  5), Elements +6 (6 to 9), Elements +10 (10 to 12), Generator +13 (13 to 16), Generator +16 (16 to 17), Generator +18 (18 onwards), Gex Doc (dedicated to teachers and filmgoers) and Parental Control - Destinazione Italia for the whole family). 

Original Marines, is the clothing brand that sponosrs the Festival, tasked with the creation of colourful t-shirts for the jurors that carry a “magic” graphic that recalls the 2017 edition theme. 

From the atrocities of war to the complexity of first love, passing through the obstinacy and the desire to achieve a dream, affirming oneself in the transition from childhood to adulthood: these are just some of the topics of the stories of the films in competition. There are 101 titles in feature films, short films and documentaries - selected from over 4500 works received in the pre-selection - proposed in the eight competitive sections and ready to battle it out for the Gryphon Award. The files of all the films of the edition are present in our archive


TWO TRAMS by Svetlana Andrianova (Russia)
MASTER SPY by Pieter van Rijn (Netherlands)
LITTERBUGS by Peter Stanley-Ward (Regno Unito)
ROOM 213 by Emelie Lindblom (Sweden)
JUST GO! by Pavel Gumennikov (Lettonia)
ROCKY by Daniele Pini (Italy)
THE BACHELORS by Kurt Voelker (USA)
GENERATOR +13 PREMIO CGS (Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali) “Percorsi Creativi 2017”
WALKING OUT by Alex & Andrew Smith (USA)
DO IT RIGHT by Chad Chenouga (France)
GENERATOR +16 GRIFONE DI ALLUMINIO - PREMIO CIAL - (Consorzio Imballaggio Alluminio)
LANE 1974 by SJ Chiro (USA) 
GARDEN LANE by Olof Spaak (Sweden)
CONFINO by Nico Bonomolo (Italy)
MARE NOSTRUM by Rana Kazkaz, Anas Khalaf (France)
CONFINO by Nico Bonomolo (Italy)
EVERYDAY HEROES by Anne-Dauphine Julliand (France)
SAD LETTERS by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo (Italy)


In 2017 CARS 3 (Disney Pixar), the Disney Channel Original Movie RAPUNZEL ; DIARY OF A WIMPY KID (20TH Century Fox), DESPICABLE ME 3 (Universal Pictures) plugged by Italian voices Arisa, Paolo Ruffini and Max Giusti, BEFORE I FALL (Eagle Pictures), ANNABELLE 2: CREATION (Warner Bros. Pictures), WE ARE EVERYTHING (Warner Bros. Pictures) plugged by Nick Robinson.


Giffoni opens to horror with  FRIGHT NIGHTS, every night at the De Sica Theatre. 7 incredible horror movies courtesy of  Warner Bros. Pictures: ANNABELLE 2: CREATION, POLTERGEIST, SHINING, GREMLINS, NIGHTMARE, IT, INTERVEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.


On the occasion of the 20 year anniversary of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia launched the reviewa WIZARD NIGHTS and chose Giffoni as a platform from 13 to 21 July 30. Moroever on July 16 Warner Bros, also brought two popular youtubers: VIOLETTA ROCKS and CLAUDIO DI BIAGIO for a very special meeting with the jurors. 


On 13 July the unmistakable screening of the trilogy THE PLANET OF the Apes, distributed by 20th Century Fox. They started with THE dawn of the planet of the apes (2011) and continues with APES REVOLUTION - THE PLANET OF THE Apes (USA, 2014, 130 ') and ended with THE WAR: THE PLANET OF THE Apes the last installment of the franchise a day before its release in Italian theatres.

Rainbow, the world-wide content company for animated and multimedia productions, was also one of the protagonists of the GFF this year. On Saturday, July 15, a preview of one of two special episodes of MAGGIE & BIANCA FASHION FRIENDS (www.maggieandbianca.com) coupled with live performances of the main performers on the blue carpet.

Morevoer on 15th, for the older crowd, a Vision Distribution cinema lesson with the participation of the director of MONOLITH, IVAN SILVESTRINI, and the screenwriter MAURO UZZEO.

Sunday, July 16, was the turn of REGAL ACADEMY (www.regalacademy.com), the animated series - produced by Rainbow in collaboration with Rai Fiction which airs daily on Rai YoYo – that revisits in a modern key the most loved classic fairytales ever. Rainbow premiered the first episode of the second season that will be coming soon on TV with so many new adventures.

On Tuesday, July 18, singer and actress prodigy LAURA ESQUIVEL presented LOVE, DIVINA, the new children's telenovela in which she stras in. After the success of "The Patty's World - The Most Beautiful Story", the actress is ready to break into the hearts of young viewers with a new delightful character she spoke exclusively  about to the Giffoni 2017's jurors. 

Director IVAN COTRONEO and director of Rai Fiction ELEONORA ANDREATTA presented the first images of SIRENE, the new series created and written by Cotroneo in the second half of November on Rai 1 which stars young actress ROSY FRANZESE and MASSIMILIANO GALLO, present at the festival. The series is about friendship, discrimination, prejudice, bullying.

The last special event was the one scheduled on Thursday, July 20, the CARTOON ABLE project: the first cartoon accessible to special children (deaf, blind, visually impaired and autistic) proposed to the jury Elements +3: Through the adventures of LAMPADINO and CARAMELLA NEL MAGIREGNO DEGLI ZAMPA. The producer RAFFAELE BORTONE and the actor / joker GIUSEPPE ZENO were in attendance to speak about it to the jurors.


JASMINE TRINCA was the guest of the opening day and returned to Giffoni a few months after the special presentation of Andrea Molaioli's Slam - Everything for a Girl made last March in collaboration with Universal Pictures.

On Saturday, 15, Giffoni hosted two big stars for two unbeatable meetings, MARGHERITA BUY and MIKA.

JULIANNE MOORE, the prestigious Truffaut Prize, and muse to iconinc filmmakers like Robert Altman, Steven Spielberg, Joel and Ethan Coen met with the jurors on Sunday 16th. While 10+ jurors had the opportunity to ask their thousand questions to CLARA ALONSO . An interesting day for parents who met chef ALESSANDRO BORGHESE.

On Monday, July 17, LODOVICA COMELLO and the incredible MARCO GIALLINI.

While on Tuesday 18th AMY ADAMS met the  Generator jurors, and so did CLAUDIO AMENDOLA. For the younger ones, exciting encounters with the FAVIJ youtuber and the fascinating LAURA ESQUIVEL.

Wednesday, July 19 KIT HARINGTON, told the jurors about his career between theater, cinema and TV, a few days after the debut of the new series of THE Game of Thrones series. From Italy, instead, CRISTIAN CAPOTONDI, directly from the set of Marco Tullio Giordana's new film.

On Thursday, July 20, BRYAN CRANSTON, cult actor consecrated by Breaking Bad, won over the jury with his sensitivity and great attention to the public. Following the Meeting with a lovely CAROLINA CRESCENTINI, alum of the successful I BASTARDI DI PIZZOFALCONE. Moroever, PIO STELLACCIO, GABRIELE SALVATORES and AMBRA ANGIOLINI spoke with sincerity and sensitivity to the Generator jurors while the Elements jurors met ROCÌO MUÑOZ MORALES. On Saturday, July 22, for the final day the jurors were treated with a meeting with GABRIELE MUCCINO and MICHELE BRAVI.


The in-depth section of the Giffoni Film Festival organized in collaboration with BadTaste.it and sponsored by the Youth and Civil Service Department of the Presidency of the Council of  Ministers. Nine movies  and 22 unforgettable meetings with over 25 exceptional testimonials, reserved for 120 young people between the ages of 18 and 25, made up the section's program. Under the guidance of film critic Francesco Alò, and journalist Gianmaria Tammaro.

Guests of the Masterclass: ANTONIO PIAZZA director of Sicilian Ghost Story; MIKA, PAOLO GIORDANO writer, the actors FRANCESCO MONTANARI and FRANCESCO APOLLONI, the authors of  MAD ENTERTAINMENT by Luciano Stella: IVAN CAPPIELLO, FRANCESCO FILIPPINI, MARINO GUARNIERI and GIORGIO SIRAVO; the director IVAN SILVESTRINI and the author MAURO UZZEO, subject of the comic Monolith, edited by Sergio Bonelli; the directors FABIO GUAGLIONE and FABIO RESINARO; IGINIO STRAFFI, Founder and Chairman of the Rainbow Group; director ALESSANDRO D'ALATRI, actor MARCO GIALLINI; the songwriter LEVANTE; the actors of THE JACKAL; CLAUDIO AMENDOLA; Simone Petrella, Alessio Strazzullo, Daniele Pugliese and Andrea Di Maria of CASA SURACE; the directors ENRICO PAU, JOHN VERONESI, EDOARDO DE ANGELIS; the director of Il Mattino ALESSANDRO BARBANO; the actress MARIANNA FONTANA; the actor GIORGIO COLANGELI; GABRIELE SALVATORES, accompanied by actor LUDOVICO GIRARDELLO, and for the closing GABRIELE MUCCINO.


For 2017 GIH offered workshops for the under 30 talent of the Dream Team dreaming of International markets and a  StartupPromotion  for startups dedicated to youth and families.  Nine days of events, Q&As round tables for the future of Giffoni: training and guiding youth so that they can carry out their projects in the most innovative sectors of the creative and cultural industry.

GIFFONI STREET FEST: 200 street art shows

For the fifth consecutive year, Street Festival, the Festival in the Festival, featured a huge billboard of events that for nine days stormed the streets of the festival with music, performances, urban circus, juggling, and much more . 10 locations scattered around the small town, over 50 companies from Italy, Spain, France, England, Ukraine, a billboard made up of over 200 theater, narrative, juggling, clown, soap bubbles, puppets, circus acrobatics and two spectacular shows every evening. This is the long list of participants:

Osadia - Hairdressing Art (Barcellona) 
Contact Tour DolceVita (Salerno) - PartyJurors 
Unnico (Sicilia)  Io & Lui – Spettacolo di intrattenimento comico e giocolerie
Creme & Brulèe (Roma) – Danza, fuoco e romanticherie 
Giò Ferraiolo (Battipaglia) - burattini
Parola Bianca – Invasioni Lunari – performance itinerante
Caracciolo Musical School - Cam School
Mr. Dudi  (Perugia) Stramagante– Spettacolo di magia
Mr. Bang (Inghilterra) Sensation - Clown metropolitano
Piccolo Nuovo Teatro (Bastia Umbra) - Zoè, il principio della vita
Dekru (Ucraina) - Anime Leggere – La nuova arte del mimo
Baracca dei Buffoni (NA) - Little puppets cabaret
Morks (NA) - The Bubble Parade
Matthias Martelli (Urbino) – Il carro dei Folli- Giullarate Contemporanee
Compagnia Bergamotto (Barcellona) Clown Bergamotto Show- Clown/ Humor Gestuale
Raoul Gomiero  (Torino) - Menù Completo. Visual Pizza Comedy
Silvestro Sentiero (NA) – Poeta Performer
eVenti Verticali (Ossi) – Wanted – teatro verticale su videoproiezioni
Cantieri Teatrali Koreja. Centro di Produzione Teatrale – (Lecce) Paladini di Francia. Spada avete voi! Spada avete io!
Bus Theater (Napoli) – Sinfonia n.5 per teatro a motore
Associazione Culturale Estro Armonico (SA) - Il Calicanto, Coro
Simone Romanò (Roma) - Hop–Hop – clownerie, interazione con il pubblico
Compagnia Nando & Maila (Ozzano dell’Emilia) – Kalinka. Il circo russo come non l’avete mai visto
Mister Mustache (Perugia) – Affetto D’Amore – comico, poetico, interazione con il pubblico
Coro Gospel – (Napoli) Rita Ciccarelli & Flowin'Gospe
Compagnia Joculares (Catania) – Hic et Nunc Circus Show –circo, acrobazie, interazione con il pubblico
Compagnia dei Folli (Ascoli Piceno) – Luce
Compagnia Omphaloz (Italia/Francia) - Clown Cabaret 
Compagnia Milo e Olivia (Torino) – Klinke

Ludobus - Legnogiocando (San Benedetto del Tronto) 
Ludoteca Playhouse (GVP) - Adventure in tour
Nientedimeno Unconventional (SA) - Animazioni e giochi                           
Weronique Art (NA) - face painting bambini       
Sergio Eco (NA) - caricature   
Fili D'Erba Coop. Sociale (SA) – L'arte del Riciclo e Mani in pasta, lavorazioni con l’argilla
Associazione Anspi –  Un due tre tocchi di Magia
Ludoteca Il Paese delle Meraviglie (GVP) – Magic Labs
Guixot De 8 (Barcellona)  –  Giochi di abilità creati con materiale da recupero

PegaOnda (NA) – Percussioni Samba Reggae, Maracatù, Ijxà, 6/8, ritmi afro bahiani del nordest
Girlesque (San Miniato) – Street band al femminile
Sonora Junior SAx (Avellino) – Saxsofonia 
Fantomatik Orchestra (Follonica) – jazzy funky bluesy brass band
BadaBimBumBand  (Empoli) – La banda molleggiata-
Funk Off (100%) – Vicchio - The One and Only Funk Marchin' Band


The Aura and Giffoni Experience Association also collaborated with the Pediatric Hospital Bambin Gesù in Rome in 2017, with several initiatives including a first day of the festival, on July 10 at the Cilento National Park, with the actor and TV host PAOLO CONTICINI; the now-traditional charity auction, the AURA evening and other appointments that represent a major window on the most current awareness-raising campaigns and on the work of fundamental, national and local realities

Telefono Azzurro
The 47th edition was the occasion to discuss actions to counter bullying and cyberbullying through a series of activities and meetings with the jurors. The Blue Sky team set up training spaces that were useful for dialogue and confrontation on such important and delicate topics for an initiative that is a sign of a common commitment to the association led by ERNESTO CAFFO and the organizers of the Festival.

July 20 was the "Security Day". Claudio Gubitosi, and Central Inail Director Ester Rotoli, with the Councilor for Safety of the City of Milan, Carmela Rozza, and the head of the H.S.S.E. of TotalErg, Veruska Bucchiarone,  engaged in a dynamic, effective Q&A with the kids. Each of the institutions involved during the Festival produced specific activities aimed at the younger audience. Among them the "Park of Traffic School of Rome" (curated by ToralErg) where youngsters had the opportunity to  drive mini cars available in the Lumière Square; the meeting on July 19 (by Inail) with rapper CLEMENTINO who spoke about security with the Elements + 10 jurors and the GIANNI IPPOLITI meeting with adults of the "Parental Control" section on 20 July, for a debate on the topic of safety at workplaces.

For 16 years the main sponsor of the Giffoni Film Festival, CIAL - National Consortium for Recovery and Recycling of Aluminum Packaging has renewed its collaboration with the "CiAl Environment Award", established under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and awarded each year to the competition film that best addresses environmental issues and sustainable development. Awarded to the special CIAL jury composed of the winners of the didactic project "Aluminum Objective - Rinascimento all'Infinito", a scholarship promoted with the sponsorship of the Ministry of the Environment, in collaboration with the Giffoni Film Festival and proposed in all 5,000 Italian high schools. The "Ricicletta®", the aluminum city bike, was delivered to the present guests who best distinguished themselves during their career for their commitment to sensitizing the values ​​of sustainable development and environmental consciousness. To welcome the audience, finally, the mega panel depicting the logo of the Festival, entirely made with cans and recovered by the Association "Life Sport Group for Life" in Coccaglio (Brescia).

All of the primary schools in Italy were tasked to write a script based on the fiction titles of ELI - La Spiga Edizioni, reworking them in a creative form read in class: the best became a short film, screened on July 17th. The winner of the 2017 prize II C of IC. "G. Palmieri - San Giovanni Bosco" by San Severo (FG) with the screenplay from the text "Three sirens and a pirate"

IBG SpA, the flagship leader in food and beverage, will be among the main partners of the world's most important international film event dedicated to children. From 14 to 22 July, talents, jurors, companions and audiences will be pampered with Pepsi and Neri - Chin8, Orange, Limoncedro and Gassosa drinks - and Lay's chips. From the lounge to the press room and during the meetings with the protagonists of the Festival, the brands will be at the center of the life of the Citadel of Giffoni Valle Piana. The Pepsi Sport Village, which IBG Spa wished to entrust to the Italian Volleyball Federation in collaboration with the Territorial Committee of Salerno, will welcome jurors and audiences of the Festival who will have fun and be able to challenge one another  in minivolley fields under the guidance of experienced coaches.

For the first time ever, a telematic university attends the International Film Festival for youth. I-UNIVERSITY, through the partnership with Giffoni Innovation Hub, is the strategic and operational pole able to process, enhance and support projects, events and formats in the world of creativity, digital culture and innovation

TotalErg, a company founded on October 1, 2010, considers the safety and health of people, respect for the environment, behavioral ethics and careful risk management as a priority. This year, the collaboration between TotalErg and Giffoni Experience develops from the common need to support the formation of younger generations, kicking off the " Travelling to School": loyalty-enrolled clients can support together with TotalErg the schools in your area, to become a partner of a social project in favor of the territory in which it lives.

Water4life is the project of Costa Crociere dedicated to raising awareness of the community towards conscious and responsible water consumption. The Giffoni community had a water oasis for the entire duration of the festival where it was possible to drink responsibly and reflect on the importance of avoiding any waste

Pasta is not just food but an essential symbol of communion and cultural exchange, sharing and hospitality. Through interviews with the young jurors of the Festival, we discovered their favorite pasta recipes, told in the dialect of their region of origin. The videos were posted on the  social channels of the  Giffoni Experience and on the  "Pasta Antonio Amato" Facebook page.

The Banca Sella Group also renews this year's participation in the GFF - Giffoni Film Festival with Hype and a new frontier in electronic payment. Hype's presentation is part of the series of proposals that, in conjunction with Giffoni Hinnovation Hub, aims to propose new scenarios to our audience and offer the opportunity to discuss about  sharings and economics.

Original Marines, the Campanian clothing brand, has created t-shorts for the "world most needed" jury, with the collaboration of Doriana Giannattasio, also author of the official art work. The sponsorship agreement with the Giffoni Film Festival allows Original Marines to curate the look of the youngest and largest jury in the world.

Exclusiva SpA, the BMW Official concessionaire for Salerno and Avellino made available, as a technical partner, the most prestigious models of the BMW range for the mobility of the guests of the Festival, but was also present within the Giffoni Village from 14 to July 22, with an area dedicated to welcoming families and younger people.