GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021

2021 was Giffoni’s 50plus year. The festival could not ignore what had been happening since March 2020 and the choice of the location for the press conference was a clear signal: the program of the event was indeed presented in Bergamo, the city that was most severely affected by the pandemic.

All the existing safety regulations were respected in this edition, too: they included distancing, access control, mandatory bookings for public events, individual seats in the cinemas and temperature measurement. All cinemas were equipped with an air sanitizing system and, through the festival’s official app (realized by Skeleton software and Eventival), it was possible to check out the program also from mobile phones, as there were no paper catalogs.


Children, boys and girls from Italy and the rest of Europe were the protagonists attending the 50plus edition in presence. They were joined by jurors connected from 36 hubs: 26 of them were located in Italy (Civitavecchia, Alassio, Taranto, Cagliari, Ancona, Riccione, Ferrara, Riva Ligure, San Donà di Piave, Jesolo, Musile, Ceggia, Sarmede, Ceccano, Rome, Genzano, Fano, Pesaro, Montescaglioso, Tropea, Corigliano - Rossano, Roccapiemonte, Vietri sul Mare, Bari, Lecce, Palermo) and 10 abroad (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, England, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Qatar).


Courage, inner strength, love, adolescence and parent-child relationships are just some of the topics that were explored in the 101 films in competition (both feature and short films) from all over the world: Antilles, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, England, Iran, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Czech Republic, Romania,  United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.
The catalog of the films in competition can be found here: .
For the first time ever, those who could not be present in Giffoni could watch the films in competition via streaming with a special subscription on the Mymovies platform.


On July 21, THIS IS GIFFONI, a documentary film directed by Fiorenzo Brancaccio, was premiered. The film draws on the impressive material of the festival’s archives and, through faces and original voices, portrays the intangible and priceless heritage that makes up the story of the Giffoni Film Festival. Over the following days, several films made their debut at Giffoni: AINBO – SPIRIT OF THE AMAZON (Bim Distribution, presented by Marcello De Bellis); CAPTAIN SABERTOOTH AND THE MAGIC DIAMOND (Vision Distribution); JUNGLE CRUISE (Disney); AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (Notorius Pictures, presented by the youtuber and voice talent of the film LaSabri); FINDING YOU (Eagle Pictures); VIVO (Netflix); IN THE HEIGHTS (Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia); LUCE DEI TUOI OCCHI (a Mediaset TV series, presented by Anna Valle); THE SUICIDE SQUAD (Warner Bros. Pictures).


Our audience also greatly enjoyed our many special events:
the short film REIMAGINE, made by Novartis Italia in collaboration with One More Pictures, tells the personal story of a researcher, whose childhood was marked by his mother’s death. The film was presented by Brenno Placido and Federico Ielapi. 
The short films THE LAST OF THE CHUPACABRAS, GROWING FANGS and DINNER IS SERVED (Disney+) are part of the LAUNCHPAD project, a collection focused on the themes of difference and discovery.
Roberto Recchioni and Artistic Director Emanuele Sabetta presented DOLENTE BELLEZZA, a short animated film dedicated to Dante Alighieri and produced by Direct2Brain with the aim of revitalizing Italian culture also through art-house shorts.
Another special event was the one dedicated to THE CROODS: A NEW AGE (Universal Pictures), which was attended, among other voice talents, by Leo Gassman, who was in Giffoni on July 23.
The new mini-movie of the METEOHEROES series (produced by MondoTV and broadcast on Cartoonito) showed children the adventures of six very young superheroes and told them about vital topics, such as nature, ecology and the dangers of climate change. This was followed by an amusing Ecology Masterclass held by the famous meteorologist Andrea Giuliacci, who was joined by the mascot of Fulmen.
One of the most eagerly awaited stories of the season returned to Giffoni: ANCORA PIÙ BELLO (Eagle Pictures) by Claudio Norza. The director was joined in Giffoni by Ludovica Francesconi, Giancarlo Commare, Gaja Masciale, Jozef Gjura, Jenny De Nucci, Giuseppe Futia and Roberto Proia, screenwriter, producer and distributor of the film.
Patrizia Rappazzo, creator and artistic director of the International Women’s Film Festival Sguardi Altrove, together with the Iranian writer and director Sonia K. Hadad, presented the short film EXAM, the story of a teenager involved in the delivery of a package of cocaine.
Rainbow presented two special events: the screenings of the series PINOCCHIO AND FRIENDS and SUMMER & TODD L'ALLEGRA FATTORIA, which were introduced by the series mascots’ shows.
Children’s favorite puppy team, PAW PATROL, arrived at Giffoni with PAW PATROL - THE MOVIE, directed by Carl Brunker and distributed by Eagle Pictures. The Paw Patrol costume characters were also present at the Giffoni Film Festival.
ViacomCBS Networks showed at Giffoni a series of SPONGEBOB’s video clips focusing on the preservation of the oceans and the brand new fantasy series DWIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR.
The documentary film DOCUMENTO by Marco Iermanò offered a lucid and severe analysis about violence against women, racism and intolerance.
Actress Anna Valle presented at Giffoni the first episode of the series LUCE DEI TUOI OCCHI, produced by Banijay Studios Italy and directed by Fabrizio Costa. The main character is Emma Conti, a renowned international étoile in search of her daughter, who was believed dead for years.
After the outstanding success of their first film, youtubers Luì e Sofì (Me Contro Te) presented to the jurors of Elements +6 a previously unreleased clip of ME CONTRO TE IL FILM - IL MISTERO DELLA SCUOLA INCANTATA, together with the film director Gianluca Leuzzi. The film was produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia, Colorado Film Production and Me Contro Te.
The short film FELLINETTE introduced Elements +10 jurors to Federico Fellini: a little girl sketched on a piece of paper in 1971 by the Maestro is the protagonist of a story that takes place on the Rimini beach on January 20, 2020, which marked the 100th anniversary of the great director’s birth.  The film was directed by the Maestro’s niece Francesca Fabbri Fellini, who met the jurors in the cinema.
In ISTRUZIONI ROMANTICHE PER DANZARE SENZA GRAVITÀ, a short film distributed by Rai Cinema and presented to the Generator +13 jury, Graziano and Alisia, who are guests at a dinner table, give life to an ideological confrontation that will make them both understand that first impressions are never correct. The director is the Salerno-born Lucio Zannella. The film was introduced by influencer Benedetta De Luca and actors Roberto Caccioppoli and Chiara Celotto.
Director Fabio Mollo, Marta Losito and the protagonist Aurora Giovinazzo gave the Giffoni jurors an exclusive preview of the first Italian Amazon Original film, ANNI DA CANE, a young-adult comedy produced by Notorious Pictures.


The jurors of Giffoni 2021 met: 
Actor and director Paolo Calabresi, pop-rap duo Psicologi, actresses Giusy Buscemi and Linda Caridi (July 22); tiktoker Khaby Lame and actresses Giulia Salemi, Carolina Crescentini and Teresa Saponangelo (July 23); director Ferzan Ozpetek (Truffaut Award), actress Valentina Bellè, web star Valeria Vedovatti (July 24); actress Sara Lazzaro, actor Lillo, actor and singer Matteo Paolillo, creators Dayoung and Tasnim in a meeting powered by Comix (July 25); actors Alessio Lapice, Federica Sabatini and Vincenzo Nemolato (July 26); director Francesco Apolloni (July 27); The Jackal and actress Claudia Gerini (July 28); actors Rocco Fasano and Matilda Lutz (July 29); director Edoardo De Angelis and actresses Pina Turco and Denise Tantucci (July 30); actor Pierpaolo Spollon (July 31).


Conceived for 150 boys and girls aged between 18 and 28, the Impact! section is a place of thought, reflection and analysis for the young participants who are given the chance to be listened to by corporate CEOs, sociologists, representatives of institutions, culture, entertainment and science.
The guests of the 2021 edition were:

July 21 Actress and former juror of the festival Greta Esposito; sociologist Domenico De Masi; director of the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences of Foligno and creator of the Foligno Science and Philosophy Festival Pierluigi Mingarelli.

July 22 Valerio Lundini and Emanuela Fanelli, protagonists of the Rai2 show Una pezza di Lundini − which was an absolute revelation on TV −  together with Giovanni Benincasa, author of Lundini’s and many other shows. Moreover, director, screenwriter, actress and producer Ludovica Lirosi; actress and writer Chiara Francini; set designer and director Enzo De Camillis.

July 23 Luigi Datome, Olimpia Milano basketball player and member of the Italian national basketball team; Gino Strada, surgeon and founder of Emergency, who unfortunately made one of his last public appearances; representatives of RICREA (National Consortium for the Recycling and Recovery of Steel Packaging), COREPLA (National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging) and CiAl (National Aluminum Packaging Consortium); influencer Giulia Salemi.

July 24 Director Ferzan Ozpetek; Head of the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua and Director of the Virology and Microbiology Laboratory at the University Hospital of Padua Andrea Crisanti.

July 25 Deputy director of Sky TG24 Omar Schillaci; member of Parliament Piero De Luca; president of (R)esistenza association Ciro Corona; actor Salvatore Esposito; director of Ciak magazine Flavio Natalia; a representative of MUSICA CONTRO LE MAFIE (Music against mafias), an association belonging to the Libera network, whose purpose is to buttress civil society in its fight against mafia organizations and to promote legality and justice.

July 26 actor Alessandro Preziosi; Giacomo Como, Professor of Mathematics at the Polytechnic University of Turin; Monica Bucciarelli, Professor of Psychology at the University of Turin; Emanuela Girardi, Founder of Pop AI; Roberto Gerli, President of SIR (Italian Association of Rheumatology).

July 27 Fabio Dattilo and Laura Lega, respectively Head of the National Fire Corps and Head of the Department of Fire Brigades, Public Rescue and Civil Defence of the Italian Ministry of the Interior; writers Erri De Luca and Maurizio De Giovanni; Fabio Caressa, co-director of Sky Sport24; Vincenzo De Masi, President of ACI (Italian Automobile Club) Salerno; Ferdinando Parisi, President of the Karting Commission; Salomone Bevilacqua, ACI Sports Council; Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President of ACI; Antonio Giovinazzi, Formula One racing driver.

July 28 The Jackal; the Ragazzi Del Cinema America; Mark Flanagan, education partner manager at Epic Games; Nicola Tagliaferro, Head of Sustainability at Enel X; General Enzo Vecciarelli, Chief of Defence Staff.

July 29 Trapani-born photojournalist Francesco Bellina; journalist Marco Damilano; Member of Parliament Alessandro Zan; actor Silvio Orlando (François Truffaut Award); Riccardo Nencini, Chairman of the Italian Senate’s Commission for Public Education and Cultural Heritage; Paolo Malvaldi, Marketing Director of Sammontana; Gian Vittorio Armani, CEO of the Iren Group; Francesco Castellone, Head of Communications and External Relations of the Iren Group.

July 30 Don Luigi Ciotti, founder of Libera, an association that contrasts organized crime and mafias. 

July 31 Father Enzo Fortunato, journalist and director of the Press Room of the Sacred Convent of Assisi; Ermete Realacci, honorary president of the environmentalist association Legambiente and president of the foundation for Italian Quality Symbola, which he conceived and founded; artist Jorit, whose wall paintings are famous all over the world; Pierpio Cerfogli, deputy director of BPER Banca; science communicator Andrea Vico; director of Sky TG24 Giuseppe De Bellis; general director of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii Gabriel Zuchtriegel.


Current affairs, the most significant political and social issues concerning young people, the future of Italy on the international scene and the prospects of the new generations were the main topics of #Giffoni50Plus institutional meetings. The thread linking all the events was “awareness”: each guest was called upon to answer the questions asked by the giffoners, who are increasingly conscious of the public and civil context they live in, of what is happening in their country, of how certain political choices can affect their dreams and expectations.
Here are the guests of this year’s edition:
Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Campania region; Marcella Gargano,  Director General for University Education, Inclusion and the Right to Study; Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo; Raimondo Ambrosino, Mayor of Procida; Leonardo Costagliola, Council Member of the City of Procida; Agostino Riitano, Director of “Procida, Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022”; Rosanna Romano, General Director for Cultural Policies and Tourism of the Campania Region; Fulvio Bonavitacola, Deputy President of the Campania region; Mario Morcone, Councilor for Security, Legality and Immigration of the Campania region; Karen Whiting, Representative of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Italy, the Holy See and the Republic of San Marino; Member of Parliament Piero De Luca; Mariastella Gelmini, Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies; Carlo Sibilia, Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, together with Laura Lega, Head of the Department of Fire Brigades and Fabio Dattilo, Head of the National Fire Corps; Fabiana Dadone, Minister for Youth Policies; Member of Parliament and President of the Senate Commission for Culture Riccardo Nencini; Valeria Fascione, Councillor for Research, Innovation and Startups of the Campania region; Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister of Economic Development; Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture.


The #Giffoni50plus edition saw the confirmation of the Giffoni Music Concept, although its format was adjusted to the Covid-19 emergency. Since the artists could not perform live (the concerts are usually very well attended), they met part of the jurors in the Sala Truffaut and in the Sala Alberto Sordi. Only on July 21, the Street Clerks opened the festival at the Fratelli Lumière arena.
TV personality Nicolò De Devitiis, who is highly appreciated within the Italian music scene and beyond, hosted the meetings and took the giffoners on a journey to discover the best Italian music. The guests of the 2021 edition were: Street Clerks, Gazzelle, Giuse The Lizia, Mobrici, Aka7even, Deiv, Pierpaolo, Carl Brave, Clementino, Alessandro Siani, Diodato, Greta Zuccoli, La Rappresentante Di Lista, Ginevra, Random, Franco 126, The Jab, Colapesce Dimartino, Folcast, Andrea Sannino, Noemi, Viito.


The Next Generation event was carried out in 2021, too. Organized by Giffoni Innovation Hub, it consisted of a mix of workshops, seminars and webinars aimed at informing and sensitizing the new generations on digital culture and the creative industry. The whole event focused on the new skills required by the job market and fully encompassed the world of innovation in a format that projected the traditional festival’s vocation for cinema into the future. Among the most relevant formats were the Innovation Talks, addressed to the young people of the IMPACT! section and the under-30 Innovators of the Dream Team. Indeed, 15 young people had the chance to discuss with prestigious personalities and, grouped into 3 teams, worked on challenges dealing with high-level technology. A series of workshops and panels rounded off the event, with gurus, national and international CEOs, startuppers, influencers and many other leading figures taking part in an open and inclusive debate with the giffoners.


Giffoni and the National Cinema Plan for Schools
On July 23, a meeting dedicated to the activities carried out during the past school year took place. This was the occasion to present the works resulting from seven projects developed by Giffoni in cooperation with the Comprehensive School Don Milani of Giffoni Valle Piana, the Comprehensive School Fratelli Linguiti of Giffoni Valle Piana, the Comprehensive School Leopardi of Torre Annunziata, the Comprehensive school Trifone of Montecorvino Rovella, the High Education Institute Piranesi of Capaccio Paestum, the Fiorentino High School of Lamezia Terme, the Comprehensive School Leonardo Da Vinci of Olevano sul Tusciano. Furthermore, the results of the second edition of School Experience, a travelling festival aimed at raising awareness and training students and teachers through the use of audiovisual and film language, were also presented. This initiative was also part of the National Cinema Plan for Schools promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture.

Sedici Modi di Dire Ciao

As part of the project Sedici Modi di Dire Ciao (Sixteen Ways of Saying Hello) – aiming at tackling juvenile educational poverty and realized by the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience with the support of the social enterprise Con I Bambini and Fondazione Con il Sud – Giffoni hosted a campus (the second after the one held in Terranova di Pollino) that saw the participation of young people from the five Italian regions involved in the project: Campania, Calabria, Sardinia, Basilicata and Veneto. On July 26, a visit to the exhibition Pino Daniele Alive, a permanent installation dedicated to the great Neapolitan singer-songwriter by the Naples Museum for Peace, marked a special moment.

Scambi Giovanili – Destinazione Skopje

Destinazione Skopje (Destination: Skopje) was a project promoted by Fondazione Giffoni − whose founding members are the Municipality of Giffoni Valle Piana and the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience − in co-financing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation − Directorate General for the promotion of the Country System and in collaboration with Planet M Association. The project was part of the activities of the call Scambi Giovanili 2021 (Youth Exchanges 2021). Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the meetings with the young Macedonian people were held online.

Sic – Generazioni Connesse

The cooperation between Giffoni and “Generazioni Connesse” – SIC III (Connected Generations, Italy Safer Internet Center III), partners in a project dedicated to the promotion of a safer web, continued. The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Education and involves the Ministry of the Interior − Postal and Communications Police, the Guarantor Authority for Childhood and Adolescence, Save the Children Italy, Telefono Azzurro, the University of Florence, Sapienza University of Rome,, Cooperativa Edi, the consumer association Movimento Difesa del Cittadino and the news agency Agenzia Dire. On July 28, a meeting attended by the entire project board took place. The Safer Internet Centre aims at promoting a positive and aware use of the Internet, making it a safe place for younger users.

Postal Police and Giffoni against Cyberbullying

The synergy with the Postal Police continued in order to promote a responsible use of the web by young people. On July 23, the Postal Police and the Salerno section of the National Magistrates Association organized a masterclass that focused on tools, reflections and strategies on how to fight cyberbullying and make an aware use of the web. Furthermore, the Postal Police met the jurors from Elements +10 and Generator +13.

ACI and Giffoni, a Partnership for Safety

On July 27, a masterclass on road safety was held by ACI executives. The Karting in Piazza initiative, a project ACI developed in 2013 to introduce people to sport and road safety education, was also confirmed.


A journey full of beauty, heart and passion that embraces and welcomes: this is the journey of Aura, Giffoni’s charitable organization. This time Aura’s journey started from Scampia, one of the most complicated and vulnerable places in the Campania region, on July 13 at 10:30 am. The protagonist of the event was Ciro Corona, who was awarded by Aura for his commitment to “resistance”. Founder and president of the association (R)esistenza Anticamorra, Ciro manages the agricultural assets confiscated from the Camorra by the City of Naples and, on December 28, was awarded the honor of Cavaliere al merito del lavoro della Repubblica Italiana (Knight of the Order of Merit for Labor) by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella.


The website and the app
On the official website,, users could check the program, get information about the festival’s activities, read the news and book the previews, the special events and the live shows open to the public. Even more this year, live streamings reported the emotions and the events of the festival. The official channel to follow them was

Giffoni on TV

This year, too, the festival could be followed on TV thanks to the extensive programming offered by the Media Partners: Mediaset (films from the festival competition, presence of the festival in the news of the group, a special show dedicated to the event, broadcasting of the #Giffoni50Plus social spot, which was promoted by Mediafriends); RAI (news and live broadcasts in morning and afternoon shows); Sky Cinema Family (films in competition during previous editions were broadcast in a movie marathon and every day in the access prime time); LIRA TV (live broadcasts in the morning and from 3pm).

Giffoni on the Radio

A partner of the Giffoni Film Festival, RADIO 105 broadcast live from the Multimedia Valley: from there, Alessandro Sansone recounted the festival through the voices of its protagonists and guests. Moreover, the festival was also reported on the radio’s social media channels.
Moreover, RADIO GIFFONI NOW was the festival’s radio, which merged four radio stations from the Campania region: Punto Zero, RCS75, Bussola and Flash. A unique journey through music and words that provided daily reports on the festival in its entirety.

Social Press

For the first time, LEGGO, a free press distributed in Rome and Milan and a website with an average of 1.2 million unique daily users, was a partner of the Giffoni Film Festival. It reported the event on its pages and dedicated a section of its website to interviews, comments, previews, photos and videos from the Giffoni Film Festival.

Giffoni on Social Networks

As usual, the festival’s social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) provided all the updates, news and the most interesting photos.


Main Partners

ENI: In 2021, Eni was once again the main partner of Giffoni. A partnership created to promote strategic issues such as the role of circular economy in the energy transition and the relevance of training in terms of social responsibility.

Bayer: Bayer confirmed its support to Giffoni for a second year, with the aim of developing projects dedicated to digital farming and to new opportunities in the agricultural field through the use of innovation.

Zuiki: Zuiki is an Italian clothing brand, owned by Ennepi Spa, which was born from the creative initiative of the Nunziata brothers. The Giffoni t-shirts were designed by the Zuiki design department, which graphically reinterpreted Giffoni’s concept “What starts here improves the world”.

Sammontana: Sammontana Italia, in line with a process started in 2016, has been developing increasingly effective projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its activities. Sammontana returned to Giffoni to present the outcome of its commitment to the IMPACT! section.

Lete: a company committed to environmental sustainability, Lete, in Giffoni for its third year, awarded a prize to a film in competition in which sport was an element of social inclusion.

Cial: the National Aluminum Packaging Consortium is an essential part of the Giffoni project.

In addition to the usual Special Environment Award, which was presented to one of the films in competition, in 2021 Cial brought to Giffoni the symbol of the worldwide awareness campaign “Every Can Count”: a large rainbow entirely made of aluminum cans.

Fotoema: specialized in equipment and technologies for photography, Fotoema supported Giffoni for the third consecutive year, acting as Main Technical Partner and providing the festival organization with video and photographic equipment.

Clear Channel Italia: innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of this media company, which focuses on the search for new forms of advertising. Once again this year, Clear Channel supported Giffoni by providing 180 advertising installations in Milan and its province and about 200 installations in the major shopping malls in Italy.

Other Partners

Comix: the Franco Cosimo Panini publishing house confirmed its support to Giffoni for the fourth year running. Giffoni is featured on Comix 2022 diaries (more than 800,000 copies), which are being distributed all over Italy. Furthermore, meetings with talents powered by Comix also took place.

BperBanca: in 2021, too, BperBanca was at Giffoni’s side and analyzed the theme of digital sustainability with the young people. A dedicated survey was carried out to assess the giffoners’ knowledge of the subject. The results were presented on July 31 during one of the IMPACT! meetings, with the participation of the science communicator Andrea Vico.

Ricrea: Ricrea (National Consortium for the Recycling and Recovery of Steel Packaging) presented its projects within the IMPACT! section and, in cooperation with COREPLA (National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging) and Cial, awarded a special prize to music artists Colapesce Dimartino, who are particularly concerned with sustainability issues.

GLS: GLS (General Logistics Systems) has been a partner of Giffoni for several years, handling all the organizational needs related to logistics with promptness and professionalism.

Caffè Motta: once again, Caffè Motta was Giffoni’s official coffee, being served in the Vip Lounge area and above all in the cinema cafés, which have been realized by the company itself.

Coca-Cola HBC Italia: Coca-Cola HBC Italia promoted a project aimed at providing concrete support in waste collection and the development of good recycling practices. To date, the company has made its packaging 100% recyclable and is committed to having it made of at least 50% recycled plastic (the maximum amount allowed by law) by 2030.

Gruppo Noviello: the group supported the #Giffoni50plus edition by supplying the official cars of the event.

Technical Partners

Vgroove: VGroove Trasporti Cinematografici specializes in film trucks that support productions on set, providing dressing rooms, hair and makeup trucks and equipment transportation: luxury mobile spaces that welcomed all the talents and guests of the festival.

Refinair: Refinair provides the perfect solution to problems related to INDOOR air quality, making the environment safer, perfectly sanitized and comfortable. Thanks to the collaboration with RefineAir, Giffoni equipped all its cinemas with air sanitizing systems.

Pointex: Since 2019, Pointex has been collaborating with Giffoni by making the festival customized carpet fabrics and, on the occasion of the celebration of the festival’s 50th anniversary, it provided the coverings for the renovation of the Sala Truffaut.

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