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The film is divided in three episodes. The first one tells the misadventures of a young clumsy Fox and a little red Hen.The Fox, both a little stupid and naïve, tries daily to devour the Hen, without success. When the wolf persuades the fox to steal the Hen’s eggs, to brood them and then eat the chicks, the plan seems perfect, until the moment the chicks hatch… In the second episode a Duck and a Rabbit have to deliver a baby to his parents because the Storkbroke her wing. In the third episode Rabbit and Duck notice Santa Claus, hanging from a window, about to fall. The two don’t even notice that it’s just a Christmas decoration, and rush to the rescue. But as they clumsily try to save him, they manage to make Santa fall and break in two pieces. They thus decide to replace the late Father Christmas and give out all the children’s presents in his place.

Original Title Le Grand Méchant Renard et Autres Contes
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 79'
Production Year 2017
Nationality France
Directed by Patrick Imbert, Benjamin Renner
Screenplay Jean Regnaud, Benjamin Renner
Original Voices Jules Bienvenu (Alex)
Guillaume Bouchede (dog)
Guillaume Darnault (fox)
Augustin Jahn-Sani (Evan)
Elise Noiraud (hen)
Boris Rehlinger (wolf)
Céline Ronté (hen)
Produced by Didier Brunner, Damien Brunner, Vincent Tavier
Trailer G55ToR5lP6A

--- regista --- patrick imbertPatrick Imbert
Patrick debuted as animator in 2001 with the short BAS LES MASSES. Then he worked on CORTO MALTESE: CORTE SCONTA DETTA ARCANA (2001), LOS REYS MAGOS (202), the tv Mini series FAMOUS 5: ON THE CASE (2008), ERNEST & CéLESTINE (2012, screened in Giffoni), the short film BANG BANG! (2014) e AVRIL ET LE MONDE TRUQUé (2015). The Big bad fox and other tales (2017) is the first feature film he directed.




--- regista --- benjamin rennerBenjamin Renner
Benjamin Renner studied at Fine Arts Academy of Angoulême. He then entered the animation school La Poudrière. He made his first short animated films, including his final film, LA QUEUE DE LA SOURIS, in 2007. After the school he co-authored, with Vincent Patar and Stéphane AubierERNEST ET CÉLESTINE (2012), the feature-length animation based on Gabrielle Vincent's children's books. Alongside with animation, Benjamin Renner creates, under the pseudonym Reineke, a blog in comics in 2008, which will be selected for the Revelation blogaward in 2009. From this universe will be drawn two albums: A baby to be delivered(2011) and Le Grand Méchant Renard (2015).

Director's statement (Benjamin Renner)
“'The big bad fox' it's a comic book that I created in several stages over a long period. I had a pencil in my hand from a young age, and I often drew little characters for members of my family. At each birthday or Christmas, when I didn't have money to buy them gifts or I didn't know what they'd want, I would give them a personalized comic book. The recurring characters were small farm animals - particularly a rabbit and a duck - who each time told the comic book's recipient a funny story explaining why, yet again, they wouldn't get a gift! As I recall, I thought up these characters when I was ten or twelve years old, then I continued to develop that universe for my family, up to the moment when, many years later, I wrote 'A Baby to Deliver' to explain to my brother how his baby would come into the world. Of course,at that time, he already knew  that happened without the help of a stork!(laughs) […] During my childhood, I bathed in the ambience of 'Fables of La Fontaine' and 'Tales of the Perched Cat' by Marcel Aymé, these anthropomorphic stories in which the animals embody human characters depending on their appearances. In my stories too, we feel that the little pig is going to be joyous and easy going, the duck a grouch, and the rabbit capricious and a little irresponsible. I love to play with all of this to treat human issues in a funny way that's accessible for everyone”.


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