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It's a rainy day, and Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. In the background, the Raven is sizing up a wooden plank for his new birdhouse. When Koyaa is done cleaning, he proudly looks around, stepping on a toy car he overlooked.

Original Title Koyaa - Razigrani avtomobilček
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 2' 45''
Production Year 2017
Nationality Slovenia
Directed by Kolja Saksida
Screenplay Marko Bratuš, Kolja Saksida
Storyboard Andraž Avsec
Compositing Mark Bizilj, Miran Bratuš, Marko Bratuš, Josip Klobučar, Miha Rainer
Sound Julij Zornik
Music Miha Šajina, Borja Močnik

--- regista --- kolja saksidaKolja Saksida
Kolja Saksida (1981) received his Master's degree in Film Studies from the ECAL University, Lausanne, Switzerland. He works in the field of filmmaking as a director, producer and teacher. He realized animated series Koyaa, short puppet animated films Kiddo, Koyaa the Extraordinary, Koyaa - Flower, Koyaa - Naughty Toy Car, Koyaa - Flying Workbook, Koyaa - Dancing Socks, Koyaa - Silly Stickers, Koyaa - Freezing Scarf and Koyaa - Wild Sunbed. His films were shown at more than 250 international film festivals. Koljais an assistant professor atthe School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica,and the director ofthe production company ZVVIKS.

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