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Jacinta (6) guides us through the story of siblings Dylan (6), Andrea (11) and Lucas (2 and a half) who arrive in a fishing community on Mexico’s Pacific coast to set off, with their new local friends, on a journey of discovery in search of a long lost pirate loot left back by Francis Drake, centuries ago. In sunny and lively images, a story of children confidently indulging on their lust for life and curiosity. Armed with their intelligence, a Tablet, and some maps, these children are given freedom to go their own ways and together find something much more valuable than a buried treasure, transporting us to a place of optimism, beauty and wonder.

Original Title Tesoros
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 95'
Production Year 2017
Nationality Mexico
Directed by Maria Novaro
Screenplay Maria Novaro
Editor Maria Novaro
Production Design Alettia Molina
Sound Axel Muñoz
Music Ampersan
Main cast Dylan Sutton-Chávez (Jacinta Chávez de León)
Andrea Sutton-Chávez (Aranza Bañuelos)
Michel Lucas (Julio Suástegui)
Julieta Bárcenas (Alondra Gómez)
Ángel David Pérez (Fabiana Hernández)
Matilde Hernández (Jazmín Bárcenas)
Produced by María Novaro & Pamela Guinea

--- regista --- maria novaroMaria Novaro
Born in Mexico City in 1950, became well known with her second feature DANZÓN (1991) at the Cannes Film Festival. In the late 70’s she made 16mm documentaries with the Colectivo Cine-Mujer. After that she studied film in CUEC/UNAM, Film Directing and Screenwriting at Sundance/Utah and Project Development in EICTV/Cuba. She has written all of her films, and she has also edited and produced some of them. LOLA was her first feature (1989, OCIC Award, Berlin). Other films are: EL JARDÍN DEL EDÉN (1994, Venezia), SIN DEJAR HUELLA (2000, awarded at Sundance). LAS BUENAS HIERBAS (2010, awarded in Rome and Guadalajara). TESOROS is her first film for children.

Director's Statement
“Children have always been around in my life and in my films. I always trusted my intuition and felt at ease when directing scenes with them. Enjoying the process and delighted in their presence. But it had never come to my mind to make a film for children. Less had I imagined directing scenes with so many of them, with ages ranging from 3 to 11, with many 6-year-olds. Shooting TESOROS was a challenge, of course, More so because I really wanted to tell the story from a child’s point of view, in which playing games is the natural method to apprehend the world. I wanted to tell this story at their pace; to give it the rythm they would bring to the narrative. To portray their magical minds and imagination, so inventive in going back and forth from reality to fantasy.

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