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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2014 - 18.27 July

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Another extraordinary day begins on the rocky ledge where Koyaa and his friend the Raven live. In the morning Koyaa is about to plant a beautiful flower, but somehow he grows a carnivorous plant instead. Together with the Raven they barely manage to subdue the green monster.

Original Title KOYAA - ROŽA
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 3’ 35”
Nationality Croatia, Slovenia
Directed by Kolja Saksida
Screenplay Kolja Saksida, Jure Karas, Marko Bratuš
Produced by Kolja Saksida

Kolja SaksidaKolja Saksida

Kolja was born in 1981 in Slovenia. He is active in the field of film as a director, actor and producer. At his fifteen years, he made his debut in the short film FORWARD by Boris Petkovic, followed by roles in short films ROBBERY OF THE CENTURY, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and feature films like FUCK, BLIND SPOT, INSTALLATION OF LOVE. As an assistant director he participated in the making of Academy Award winning film NO MAN'S LAND. Together with Marko A. Kovacic, he directed three animated short films featuring the Plastos Civilization. Up till now his most notable production was an animated series Koyaa that has been shown on the Slovenian national television throughout the 2005 season. 2009 he realized a short puppet animated film entitled KIDDO ‘’SLINGSHOT’’ as director, co-writer and co-producer. Saksida is a cofounder and director of production house ZVVIKS, based in Ljubljana - Slovenia.

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