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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2014 - 18.27 July

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Pablo is a young Argentine in search of his roots. In Rome, he will follow the footsteps of his grandfather, who lived in the city and left to his grandson just a picture and a poem. The painting depicts a Roman trattoria, where the grandfather used to spend the days with a friend, Cosimo.

Original Title Me reencontraràs dentro de ti
Italian Title Mi ritroverai dentro di te
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Short Film, Fiction
Duration 14' 50''
Production Year 2013
Nationality Argentina, Italy
Directed by Eitan Pitigliani
Screenplay Eitan Pitigliani, Alessandro Regaldo
Director of photography Timoty Aliprandi
Editor Alessio Doglione
Production Design Lisa Urbano
Costume Design Nicoletta Ercole
Music Paolo Vivaldi
Main cast Andres Gil
Produced by Pier Andrea Nocella, Laura S. Ruedeberg, Angelo Laudisa

Eitan PitiglianiEitan Pitigliani

Eitan started as an actor and then decided to become a director. He studied film directing in London and New York and made his first short film, “IN THIS LIFE” in 2010 about the earthquake in l’Aquila. The film received awards in several international festivals. In 2013 he realized his second short film, YOU WILL FIND ME (coproduced by Argentina, Italy and France) and began to work on the screenplay of his first feature film, an international production.


Docksur Producciones, Iter Film

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