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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2014 - 18.27 July

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When the sun sets in the Indian city of Mumbai, its bustling office districts get deserted. In the parking lot of one such office district, a new activity begins: in-line skating. A passionate skating coach, Lucky Bhargav, a champion himself, wheels in to give wings to children, and marvels at their flight. Young Arjun discovers the sport of skating on his first night in the office district. He is stunned as if he were watching a F1 race. The stunned boy is so affected, that he dreams of speeding on wheels. Along with a band of friends, he sets off to fulfil the dream that’s not allowing him to sleep, eyes wide open with hope. Will Arjun’s dreams come true? 

Original Title HAWAA HAWAAI
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 120'
Production Year 2014
Nationality India
Directed by Amole Gupte
Screenplay Amole Gupte
Director of photography Amol Gole, Vikas Sivaraman
Editor Deepa Bhatia
Production Design Subrata Chakraborty, Amit Ray
Costume Design Nyla Masood
Sound Manoj M. Goswami, P.M. Satheesh
Music Amole Gupte, Hitesh Sonik
Main cast Partho Gupte (Arjun Harishchandra Waghmare)
Saqib Saleem (Lucky Bhargav)
Ashfaque Khan (Gochi)
Salman Khan (Bhura)
Maaman Memon (Abdul)
Neha Joshi (Taramati Waghmare)
Produced by Deepa Bhatia, Amole Gupte

Amole GupteAmole Gupte

Born in 1962, in Mumbai (India). He is a director, writer, producer, actor and child rights activist. He has been working for over 15 years in theatre, cinema and art for children. In 2007 he participated in the making of the feature film LIKE STARS ON EARTH (TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, 2007), which was India’s official entry at the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. As an actor he starred in Vishal Bhardwaj’s KAMINEY (2009), in Subhash Kapoor’s PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA (2010), and in Santosh Sivan’s URUMI (2011). In 2011 he directed the feature film STANLEY’S TIFFIN BOX (STANLEY KA DABBA), which was screened at the GEX 2011, in the Elements +6 section. He also paints and writes poetry.




Director’s statement

“Be it SAINT TUKARAM (SANT TUKARAM) or THE CLOUD-CAPPED STAR (MEGHE DHAKA TARA), be it THIRSTY (PYAASA) or TWO ACRES OF LAND (DO BIGHA ZAMEEN), why is it that these masterpieces of Indian cinema choke me repeatedly and render me speechless? The threads that wove those tales were dipped in the truth of human condition. That was the awakening point of pure emotion for me, an instinctive reaction to simply enacted truth. No hyperbole. No flogging… only wrenching… Possible only when you face yourself bare, in the mirror of truth”.
“In my case, the mirrors of truth that carry me on their sturdy shoulders are children. They save me from the pitfalls of excess and goad me with their transparent demeanour and honest engagement. Hope to never leave their kingdom… the comfort, too dear to trade for anything at all. COUNTING DREAMS is part of this priceless life’s journey charted by children for me for which I am ever thankful to them but can’t meet their eye and tell them… Because, they stand tall”.



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