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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2014 - 18.27 July

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Lola lives on a house boat called “The Pea” together with her mother Loretta. Since her father vanished into thin air, she has become an outsider at her school. She wants nothing to change until he comes back. But suddenly two events tear Lola out of her lonely world. One: her mother has a new boyfriend, his name is Kurt, he’s a vet, and Lola does everything she can to get her mother and Kurt to split. And then there is Rebin, the mysterious new student in her class: he is a Kurd and lives illegally in Germany with his parents. In the beginning, Rebin is suspicious, but by and by the two outsiders become friends. When Rebin’s mother suddenly falls ill and cannot visit a regular physician, Lola asks for help to her mom’s boyfriend Kurt, the only doctor Lola trusts. But the next day Rebin and his family are gone, and Lola is convinced she has done everything the wrong way.

Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90’
Production Year 2014
Nationality Germany
Directed by Thomas Heinemann
Screenplay Thomas Heinemann
Based on the book " "
by Annette Mierswa
Director of photography Tobias Jall
Editor Laura Richter
Production Design Thomas Heinemann
Costume Design Cornelia Würbser
Sound Michael Bartylak
Music Frankie Chinasky
Main cast Tabea Hanstein (Lola)
Christiane Paul (Loretta)
Tobias Oertel (Kurt)
Arturo Perea Bigwood (Rebin)
Ferhat Keskin (Tayyip)
Antoine Monot jr. (Barkelt)
Produced by Thomas Heinemann, Michel Morales

IMG 3597Thomas Heinemann

Born 1958, Herrsching am Ammersee (Germany). At age 12 he wrote plays for the Children’s Theatre in Basel, Switzerland. In 1985 he founded the first German theatre in which children play the roles written for children. Then he worked with several directors, such as Werner Herzog. In 2007 he directed his first feature film, AHEAD IS PRETTY DAMN FAR (VORNE IST VERDAMMT WEIT WEG). Later he shot the documentary ON THE ROAD TO SOMEWHERE (UNTERWEGS NACH WOANDERS) and the TV series POSITIVE SINKING (2013). In 2013 he published his first young adult novel, PAULA AT THE PAPER MOUNTAINS (PAULA UND DIE NACHT IM PAPIERGEBIRGE).



Director’s statement

“What a great pleasure to have been invited to this festival. Giffoni, that’s like the Mostra for children’s films. And then Italy! Cinecittà, Paglia e Fieno, Fellini, Ossobuco, Vittorio De Sica, MV Agusta... all of it is still quite impressive”.
“But there’s yet another experience connecting me to Italy: when I was just seven years old, I was in Italy for the first time with my parents, somewhere at the Riviera. For me, it meant: to bed, right after supper. Indeed, very German, but what was I to do as a youngster?”.
“So there I was, alone in my hotel bed and naturally I couldn’t fall asleep. I could hear pleasant sounds outside, the hubbub and hustle of life, honking cars and... laughing children. Kids laughing, at 11 o’clock at night? And out to the balcony I rushed to see if it was true: I had to be in bed because that’s what German boys are supposed to do at that time of night: be in bed while beneath my balcony cheerful kids were playing and the grownups were sipping wine and laughing. That really impressed me deeply”.
“And today I am truly happy and a bit proud, too, to have been invited to Giffoni with LOLA ON THE PEA. This time around, I may stay up at least as late as the children in Italy”.


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