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November 1989 in Kfar Saba, a small town in Israel. A long summer without rain is coming to an end. The film shows a day in the life of Noa, a 10-year-old girl. She is annoyed with her best friend, her mother and her baby sister. Her father is sick and in bed. The only thing she can hear from his room is the voice of the newsreader on the radio. Noa hopes that the evening will bring the first rain.



Novembre 1989 nella cittadina di Kfar Saba, in Israele. Una lunga estate senza pioggia sta per finire. Seguiamo un giorno nella vita di Noa, 10 anni. La ragazza è arrabbiata con il suo migliore amico, con la madre e con la sorellina. Suo padre è a letto, malato: dalla sua stanza può sentire solo la voce del conduttore del telegiornale alla radio. Noa spera che la sera porti la prima pioggia.


Category Official Competition
Section Troubled Gaze
Tipology Short Film
Duration 17'
Production Year 2009
Nationality Germany, Israel
Directed by Ester Amrami
Screenplay Momme Peters, Ester Amrami
Script Momme Peters, Ester Amrami
Director of photography Dror Dayan
Editor Özlem Konuk
Sound Johannes Peters
Music Yoav Pasovsky
Main cast Roni Ofek
Goni Guy
Michal Levy
Produced by Dana Löffelholz

hajoreh - the first rain regEster Amrami
Born 1979 in Kfar Saba, Israel. She lives in Berlin since 2003. She studies Directing at Academy for Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” (HFF-Potsdam) since 2006. She directed a number of short films, including BERLIN DIARY (2005), YOUR TISCH IS NOT MY TABLE (2007), AT V’ANI - YOU AND ME (2007), DON’T LOOK BACK (2007), ISI COME ISI GO (2009).


Ester Amrami
Nata nel 1979 a Kfar Saba, in Israele, vive a Berlino dal 2003. Dal 2006 studia Regia alla Scuola di Cinema e Televisione “Konrad Wolf” di Potsdam. Ha diretto diversi cortometraggi, tra cui BERLIN DIARY (2005), YOUR TISCH IS NOT MY TABLE (2007), AT V’ANI - YOU AND ME (2007), DON’T LOOK BACK (2007), ISI COME ISI GO (2009).


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