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GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021

Archivio Film 2019


Category: Edition 2019

Romulus and Remus, two shepherds and loyal brothers, end up taking part to a journey that will lead one of them to be the founder of the greatest nation ever seen. However, the fate of the chosen one will pass from killing his own brother.

Original Title IL PRIMO RE
Category Out of competition
Section Masterclass Cult
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 127'
Production Year 2019
Nationality Belgium, Italy
Directed by Matteo Rovere
Screenplay Filippo Gravino, Francesca Manieri, Matteo Rovere
Director of photography Daniele Ciprì
Editor Gianni Vezzosi
Production Design Tonino Zera
Costume Design Valentina Taviani
Music Andrea Farri
Main cast Alessandro Borghi
Alessio Lapice
Fabrizio Rongione
Massimiliano Rossi
Tania Garribba
Michael Schermi
Vincenzo Pirrotta
Produced by Andrea Paris, Matteo Rovere

 regista Matteo RovereMATTEO ROVERE
Matteo Rovere was born in Rome. He began his career at 19 with the short film "Lexotan", which won the Kodak Award at the Linea d’Ombra Salerno Film Festival 2002. He directed several short films, which received awards at national and international festivals. His short film "Homo Homini Lupus". was awarded with a Silver Ribbon. His first feature film was "A Game for Girls" (Colorado), followed by "Drifters" (Fandango). He also wrote the TV series "Zio Gianni" and "The Pills - Non ce la faremo mai". The films he has directed and produced have received twelve David di Donatello nominations and ten Silver Ribbons nominations. In 2014, he produced the box office success "I Can Quit Whenever I Want" which earned him a Silver Ribbon award as Best producer. In 2016, he wrote and directed his film "Italian Race". At the David di Donatello Awards in 2017 the film was among the candidates for best film and best direction and won the awards for best photography, best editing, best sound, best makeup and best music effects and a Silver Ribbon for best editing. The film sold in more than 40 countries including Germany, Japan, China, Australia, France, South Korea and Taiwan. In 2017, Rovere also produced the two sequels of "I Can Quit Whenever I Want": "I Can Quit Whenever I Want - Masterclass" and "I Can Quit Whenever I Want - Ad Honorem", for which he was nominated again for the David di Donatello Award as best producer.


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