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GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021


Archivio Film 2019


Category: Edition 2019

18-year-old Gyllen from London has taken his stepfather’s mobile home and fled from his family holiday in Morocco when he happens to meet Congolese boy William, who is the same age as he is and who is trying to get across to Europe to look for his lost brother there. At this moment when their sense of being lost is at its peak, the two decide to join forces: driven by the lust for adventure typical of youth, the unlikely duo make their way through Morocco, Spain and France all the way to Calais. While the young men’s mutual friendship and trust grow daily, they are confronted with decisions that will have a lasting effect - and not only on their lives...

Original Title ROADS
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +16
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 100'
Production Year 2019
Nationality France, Germany
Directed by Sebastian Schipper
Screenplay Sebastian Schipper, Oliver Ziegenbalg
Director of photography Matteo Cocco
Editor Monica Coleman
Production Design Chloe Cambournac
Costume Design Jürgen Doering
Sound Philippe Welsh
Music The Notwist
Main cast Fionn Whitehead
Stephane Bak
Moritz Bleibtreu
Ben Chaplin
Marie Burchard
Josué Ndofusu
Produced by Sebastian Schipper, David Keitsch

 regista Sebastian SchipperSEBASTIAN SCHIPPER
Sebastian was born in 1968. After studying Theatre at the Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts in Munich (1992-1995), he took on minor film parts in addition to his engagements at the Munich Kammerspiele. Sebastian recently celebrated the biggest international hit of his career with "Victoria" (2015), his fourth film as a director. The film, shot in one take, about a fateful night in Berlin won six German Film Awards, including Best Motion Picture and Best Director, and was nominated for three European Film Awards. "Victoria" celebrated its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in the competition. Director of photography Sturla Brandt Grøvlen received a Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement.

Director's statement
"I didn’t want to make a film about refugees. ROADS was not supposed to be anything exemplary or generalizing. The refugees are simply a reality that my protagonists can’t avoid. But it was important to me not to show an amorphous mass. The refugees in the film all have individual traits. […] Life and the world are beautiful despite everything. I wanted to make a film about these two boys whose paths cross and who experience their journey together. This develops into a friendship and all that entails. It is literally a journey of discovery. We see what they experience through their eyes. […]. Experiencing and understanding the pain of the other is something that makes us human. Empathy".


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