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GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021

Archivio Film 2019


Category: Edition 2019

Can a doll with brittle bones become a pop star? Veronica Tulli, aka Lulu Rimmel, is an exceptional performer: she’s very small but when she sings her voice never goes unnoticed. Her disease, the so called “brittle bone syndrome”, is not an obstacle for her, though: playing with her own special qualities, she performs as a singing doll on the stage of the Freak Show and in other shows in different places of the Roman underground scene. She is witty, charming and romantic and wants it all, no compromises! She has turned her disability into just another minor glitch in life.

Category Official Competition
Section GEx Doc
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 81'
Production Year 2019
Nationality Italy
Directed by Antonio Di Domenicos
Screenplay Sarah Maria Perruccio, Antonio Di Domenico
Director of photography Antonio Di Domenico, Luigi Antonio Conte
Music Gabriele Di Domenico, Giorgio D’Ottavio
Main cast Veronica Tulli
Fiammetta Bruni
Guido Maurizio Doria
Daniele Re
Igor Giagnorio

 regista Antonio Di DomenicoANTONIO DI DOMENICO
Antonio is a director and a director of photography from Rome. Between 1998 and 2005, he worked as a freelance photographer for several magazines like l’Espresso, il Venerdì, Panorama and il Messaggero. Since 2000 he’s worked as a freelance operator for the RAI network, especially for the tv programs Ballarò and TG2 Dossier. He also worked abroad for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS and History Channel, and more recently, for the series "History Project: Impossible". In 2014 he directed his first documentary "Banda Bassotti - La Brigata Internazionale", produced by Rizoma Film. In 2016, he directed six episodes of the TV series "Tous les Chemins Mènent à Rome" for the French network KTO TV and the documentary "Il genio femminile: donne del Vaticano" in 2018 distributed by TVCO.

Director's statement
"The idea of The Heart of a Doll was born on the set of a documentary about the Italian Paralympic athletes, for which I was the director of photography. What impressed me when working with the Paralympic athletes was the beauty and sensuality of those different yet perfect bodies. Then I met Veronica Tulli: young, beautiful, sexy, talented, ambitious, charismatic, stylish and... disabled. I realised, when we were shooting with Veronica, that we weren’t, in fact, making a documentary about disability. We were telling the story of a girl, with her own vision of the world and of love, who wanted to become a pop star. A seductive artist with an extraordinary talent. Veronica is small, she has the proportions of a doll, a character she often plays on stage. I chose to stay close to her with the camera, to adapt the point of view to her size. The frame is thus populated by an oversized world, offering at times a partial vision of things and people. Veronica’s mellow and cheeky voice guides us in this new vision".


Rizoma Film

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