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In a not too distant future, the giant spacecraft Svea travels with only two passengers, 12-year-old Gladys and her little brother Keaton. The children have fled from a broken Earth and are heading towards the planet Vial, but they never seem to arrive. They spend their days exploring the giant ship and the only one they can talk to is the Japanese A.I. Otosan. But everything changes when something unknown crashes into Svea suddenly they are not alone in space anymore...

Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 83'
Production Year 2018
Nationality Sweden
Directed by Ted Kjellsson
Screenplay Ted Kjellsson, Henrik Ståhl
Director of photography Petrus Sjövik
Editor Hanna Lejonqvist
Production Design Christian Olander
Costume Design Mimmi Mäenpää, Nicolas Olivier Richard
Special Make-up Design and Animatronics Niklas Hermansson, Oscar Wallroth
Sound Mikael Brodin, Carl-Oscar Ahlsved, Gabrielle Wikhede
Music Joel Danell
Main cast Ella Rappaport
Dante Fleischanderl
Aliette Opheim
Produced by Anna Knochenhauer & Sonja Hermele

 regista Ted KjellssonTED KJELLSSON
Ted has directed the tv-series "The Junkyard Kids" for SVT as well as the documentary "Alla Bara Försvinner" and the short films "Tompta Gudh" and "Captain Sweden". Ted also has an extensive background directing commercials and as a production designer. "Alone in Space" is Ted’s first feature film. Ted is from South Sweden and has attended film school there before re-locating to Northern Sweden in the late 90s where he ended up studying production design as well as direction. He's remained up north ever since; now with wife and 5 kids. Ted has always had a soft spot for genre films and science fiction and grew up with superhero films alongside the great Swedish children's films of Astrid Lindgren.

Director's statement
"Throughout my career I’ve been trying to find a sci-fi idea that grabs me, is fun as well as exciting. I’d almost given up hope when one day I saw the play Vial by Henrik Ståhl. There and then, I knew that it would be possible to make a cool and fun, but at the same time memorable and important, space film".


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