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Cinderella has grown within the Megaride, a huge ship that has been stranded  in the port of Naples for over 15 years. Her father, a wealthy owner of the ship and scientist, died carrying with him into the grave the technological secrets of the ship and the dream of a rebirth of the port. The little girl has been living since then in the shadow of the formidable stepmother and her  mean six daughters . The city is now in decay and entrusts its remaining hopes to Salvatore Lo Giusto, aka ' O King, an ambitious drug dealer who, in agreement with her stepmother, exploits the heritage of  the unaware Cinderella to make of  the port of Naples a money laundering capital. The ship, haunted  by holograms ghosts of a far forgotten history and technology, will become the stage of whole story and of an epochal battle between the poverty of ambition of the present and the nobility of the ideals of the past. The future of young Cinderella and the poor city of Naples are connected to to the same, very thin line.

Original Title Gatta Cenerentola
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Animation, Special Event, Teaser
Production Year 2016
Nationality Italy
Directed by Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone, Alessandro Rak
Music Antonio Fresa, Dario Sansone, Luigi Scialdone
Original Voices Renato Carpentieri
Maria Pia Calzone
Massimiliano Gallo
Alessandro Gassman
Mariano Rigillo

IMG 0234Ivan Cappiello
Director, animator , editor . assistant director and head of 3D for the animated feature film The Art of Happiness , produced by Mad Entertainment and winner of the 2014European Film Awards  for Best European Animated Feature. He started his career as an animator and illustrator, in collaboration with leading Italian publishers ( Sergio Bonelli Editore / Star Comics ). In 2010 he directed the TV special Il Piccolo Sansereno and the Mistero dell'Uovo di Virgilio, produced by Mad Entertainment in collaboration with Rai Fiction. Since 2008  he has been working as a 3D and Maya® lecturer at the Italian School of COMIX in Naples. Among his works: the educational series LA FAMIGLIA RIGATONI, the short film CHANCES, the short series in animation MANARA LOVE PILLS; the video clips PAURA and IN SUPERFICIE, and last but not least the promo of the film A SKELETON STORY.

Marino Guarnieri
Director, animator, illustrator, was assistant director, head of 2D and editor of the animated feature film The Art of Happiness, produced by Mad Entertainment and winner of the European Film Awards 2014 as the best European animated film. After working as a graphic designer, through all forms of expression and communication for the past 20 years, from publishing to advertising, from the web to the audiovisual and video installations, he finally got to do what he really liked: animation. He creates and, designs and participates in the creation of commercials and music videos, television themes and educational products, documentaries, specials and feature films. Among his works: DONNA MARIA, video clip of the Neapolitan folk group Foja; GLI OCCHI Più  AZZURRI, documentary by  Simona Cappiello and Manolo Turri Dell'Orto; GIGA & STICK, educational created for L 'National Institute of Astrophysics; BADA CHE TI MANGIO!  initial song of Anthony Lubrano's programme. Guarnieri is also a lecturer in Digital Animation at the Italian School of Comix, for which he directed the short film MEZZANOTTE DI SEGNI.

Alessandro Rak
Director, illustrator, animator. He graduated in animation at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome, after winning with his essays aAGAIN and LOOKING DEATH WINDOW the Grand Prize of the Jury of the Festival Castelli Animati, the Cylect International Price and First Prize at the Festival of Film School in the City Mexico. From 2001 to 2011 he realized art exhibitions at the Not Gallery, he published comic books and illustrated books  like Ark (Grifo editions), Bye bye Jazz (Lavieri), and  A Skeleton Story (GG).  He then went on to work on  characters design and art direction for animation projects including the TV special Il Piccolo Sansereno and the Mistero dell'Uovo di Virgilio; He then created animated short films as Và , the First Prize at Video Festival Med and TESTE AL MURO selected at the Palazzo Venezia Festival; musical video clips and artwork for musicians such Kanzone su Londra by band 24 Grana, winner of the MEI award for best editing, LA PAURA by Bisca, 'O sciore and' o viento "and Donna Maria by  Foja. He made the initial score of Cartoons on the Bay 2014 and the 30th International Critics' Week at the Mostra Internazionale d’Arte cinematografica di Venezia. THE ART OF HAPPINESS his first animated feature film, opened as a Special Event the 28th Critics' Week of the International Art 70.Mostra Venice Film Festival and  has won numerous awards in Italy and abroad.

Dario Sansone
The leader and frontman of the band Foja, designer and musician. Storyboarder and assistant director of the feature film THE ART OF HAPPINESS, produced by Mad Entertainment and winner of the European Film Awards 2014 as the best European animated film. For the same film, he is the author of the song 'Malia', which was nominated for a Silver Ribbon and the David di Donatello Award for Best Song and has collaborated on the homonymous graphic novel published by Rizzoli Lizard. His career as a designer began thanks to the collaboration with the Italian publishing house Star Comics (Lazarus Ledd e Natale in Casa Cupiello). Among his works: DONNA MARIA, DA SULE NUN SE VENCE MAJEe ‘O SCIORE E ‘O VIENTO,video clips of the Neapolitan folk group Foja, IL SIRTAKI DI ICARO, short film made for Zecchino d'Oro Cartoons, the promo of the film a SKELETON STORY (also collaborated on the comic), the festival theme song crossmedia Cartoons on the Bay, the video LA PAURA by Bisca, the educational series LA FAMIGLIA RIGATONI.


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