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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2016 - 15.24 July

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In a futuristic utopia where emotions have been genetically suppressed in an effort to protect society from the war and strife that has destroyed previous generations. On occasion, the suppression fails and emotions emerge in individuals – the Collective dubs this illness Switched On Syndrome, or SOS. As society is increasingly threatened by this health crisis, all SOS sufferers are heavily medicated or sent to the Den, a corrective facility from which no one returns. Nia and Silas encounter each other as colleagues at the science journal, Atmos. As Silas begins to experience the onset of SOS and his own awakening emotions, he finds himself inextricably drawn to Nia, who is hiding her own SOS. The longer they attempt to suppress their palpable connection, the more the tension fans the flames of their attraction.

Original Title Equals
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Feature Film, Special Event
Duration 100'
Production Year 2015
Nationality USA
Directed by Drake Doremus
Screenplay Nathan Parker
Director of photography John Guleserian
Editor Jonathan Alberts
Production Design Tino Schaedler, Katie Byron
Costume Design Alana Morshead, Abby O’Sullivan
Music Dustin O’Halloran, Sasha Ring
Main cast Kristen Stewart (Nia)
Nicholas Hoult (Silas)
Guy Pearce (Jonas)
Jacki Weaver (Bess)
Produced by Michael Schaefer, Michael Pruss, Ann Ruark, Jay Stern, Chip Diggins

04 EQUALS VFF 04 Guy PearceDrake Doremus
Born in 1983, in Orange County, California, Drake Dorms broke through in 2011 with LIKE CRAZY starring Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The film was released by Paramount Pictures the following October. In addition to feature films, Doremus directed a short film series called THE BEAUTY INSIDE which went on to receive an unprecedented three Grand Prix  awards at the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and a 2013 Emmy award. Doremus also co-wrote and directed the feature film BREATHE IN starring Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones and Amy Ryan, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, as well as DOUCHEBAG which was at Sundance in 2010. He is a graduate of the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Director's statement
"For me the film is about long-term relationships, what it means to fall in love, to ride the wave and changes of a relationship, and how by the end of a journey you need to remember what you felt and why you were in that relationship in the first place. It’s about trying to maintain what the relationships and love actually mean and love that changes and grows and becomes something else. It fascinates me and I wanted to portray that.It was daunting to figure out how monotone but intellectual and forward-thinking the characters would be. We worked with all the actors in order to find the right tone, because 'Equals' are very intellectually stimulated and not robots. There’s just a lack of emotional capacity and empathy. Finding the right gear was difficult, but I think we did it early on in the rehearsal process".

Mister Smith
Scott Free Productions
Route One Entertainment

italian distribution
Adler Entertainment
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screening h. 7:30 PM     (Original version with Italian subtitles) - Screening for Generator jurors only (reservation is required)

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