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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2016 - 15.24 July

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Young people on the threshold of adulthood tell us their tastes, aspirations, personal opinions. Cinema, fiction, expectations about the future, sex, love, religion, politics and many other topics: life as they see it, without filters and prejudice . A survey among today's Italian teens  that starts from their nest, so to speak: their bedroom. A journey in their everyday life and in their imagination, in order to create a more complex image of what adults have set with their clichés.

Original Title Camera Mia
Italian Title Camera Mia
Category Official Competition
Section GEx Doc
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 60'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Italy
Directed by Alessandro Piva
Script Alessandro Piva
Director of photography aa.vv.
Editor Alessandro Piva, Letizia Lamartire

Foto PIVAAlessandro Piva
Born in 1966 in Salerno, Alessandro Piva lands into directing starting from cinematography, editing and screenwriting. In 1990, after completing his studies in editing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, he worked as a documentary filmmaker doing reportage in Italy and abroad. Among his most recent documentaries PASTA NERA, presented and awarded with a Special Mention by the Fedic Prize Jury at the 2011 Venice Festival, TWO SICILIES (2016) and MY ROOM (2016). As a film director he helmed: LA CAPAGIRA, MY BROTHER-IN-LAW, HENRY and MILLIONAIRES all successfully selected in various national and international festivals. Piva also directed commercials, radio programs for Radio 3, the opera IL CAPPELLO DI PAGLIA DI FIRENZE by Nino Rota, for the Petruzzelli Foundation and the TV series LA SCELTA DI LAURA for Mediaset.

Director's statement
“I find myself regularly reflecting on the detachment between the world of culture and the real world. In particular, of all aspects of our society that are subject to prejudice, the adolescent narration is one of the most emblematic. I then set up a to research at the source, a path that starting from Italy moves to many countries, so to try and understand and tell about the youth. This is how MY ROOM came about. I thought that young people could tell themselves, authentically, without substantial mediations. So in Tokyo, as in Tirana, Istanbul or Bari, I  tried to capture the moment when the adult personality is forming and at the same time you can still find a light, full of hope and expectations, in the eyes of young people, a light that will sadly disappear within a few years. What has emerged is an adolescence that is more complex than what television and newspapers often portray. A magma of personalities that confirms the most hackneyed stereotypes to deny them a moment later. But above all a generation that wants to have a say trying to find a place on a planet where the maps are not as relevant anymore”.

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