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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2015 - 17.26 July

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Alex, 14 year-old, faces with enthusiasm the first year of high school with his childhood friends, Nicole, sensitive and secretly in love with him, and Christian, sports lover. The group is quickly joined by Sam, fond of study, and Emma, beautiful but with a little secret. All of them are united by hopes and good intentions for their first year of high school. But soon the troubles begin. The headmaster Ferrari wants his high school is the first in the excellence ranking of the schools, and this means that the students must focus on subjects, and forget any artistic activities such as music, acting, dancing. However, a teacher, the prof, Belli, thinks the opposite and encourages the students to looking for their own way. Along with him, the group of friends will understand the importance of dreams and discover the “mysterious secret room”. ALEX & CO. airs on Disney Channel.

Original Title ALEX & CO.
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Feature Film, Special Event
Production Year 2015
Nationality Italy
Directed by Claudio Norza
Screenplay Marina Efron Versiglia, Maria Carmen López-Areal Garcia, Costanza Novick, Ángela Obón, Benjamín Herranz
Director of photography Mauro Marchetti
Editor Silvio Bot
Production Design Patrizia Rota
Music Federica Camba, Daniele Coro, Enrico Sibilla
Main cast Leonardo Cecchi (Alex)
Beatrice Vendramin (Emma)
Eleonora Gaggero (Nicole)
Federico Russo (Sam)
Saul Nanni (Christian)
Debora Villa (Nina)
Produced by Piero Crispino

Regista-AlexCo OKClaudio Norza
Claudio Norza directed several TV series, including UN MEDICO IN FAMIGLIA (Rai Uno, from 2000 to 2009, from second to sixth season), LA SQUADRA (Rai Tre, 2000, first season), COMPAGNI DI SCUOLA (Rai Due, 2001), CUORI RUBATI (Rai Due, 2002/2003), AGRODOLCE (Rai Tre, 2008/2009), BACIATI DALL’AMORE (Canale Cinque, 2011).




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