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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2009 - 12.25 July

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Sun-ah is the most beautiful student with the highest grade in school. Everyone, including teachers and friends, knows that she will be elected for the new student rep. at the upcoming school election. One day, her teacher gave an examination without notice. She could not solve a question…



Sun-ah è la più bella della scuola e ha anche i voti più alti. Tutti, compresi i suoi insegnanti e i suoi amici, sanno che sarà eletta nuovo rappresentante degli studenti alle prossime elezioni. Ma un giorno un insegnante dà un compito in classe a sorpresa e Sun-ah non è in grado di rispondere a una domanda.


Original Title A SCHOOL REP.
Category Official Competition
Section Troubled Gaze
Tipology Short Film
Duration 15'
Production Year 2008
Nationality South Korea
Directed by Park Sang-Joon
Screenplay Park Sang-Joon
Script Park Sang-Joon
Director of photography Kim Gi-Tae
Editor Lee Do-Hyun
Music Kim Eun-Jung
Main cast Seo Woo (Sun-ah)
Seo Jang-Won (Mr. Kim)
Kim Jeong-Young (Mrs. Moon)
Produced by Park We-Seok

a school rep. regSang-joon Park
Born in 1967, Kangwon (South Korea). Graduated from Yonsei University, Dep. of Philosophy.


Sang-joon Park
Nato nel 1967 a Kangwon, Corea del Sud. Si è laureato in Filosofia alla Yonsei University.


Ozone Film


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