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Felix, 12, is a loner. His mother Lydia bothers him with her extreme care and his father Norbert, a police officer, is hardly getting close to his introverted son. Since Felix doesn’t communicate, his parents don’t even know he fell in love with the deaf-mute girl Lena.



Felix, 12, è un ragazzo molto solo. La madre Lydia è iperprotettiva. Il padre, Norbert, un poliziotto, fa fatica a relazionarsi con un figlio così introverso. Dal momento che Felix non comunica, i suoi non sanno che è innamorato di Lena, una ragazza sordomuta.


Original Title FELIX
Category Official Competition
Section Free to Fly
Tipology Short Film
Duration 20'
Production Year 2007
Nationality Germany
Directed by Andreas Utta
Screenplay Andreas Utta
Script Andreas Utta
Director of photography Anna Raettig
Editor Anke Wiesenthal
Production Design Ulrike Glandorf
Costume Design Stefanie Jauss
Sound Francesco Calcara
Music Sometree, Björn Bauermeister
Main cast Max Wrobel (Felix)
Jella Alpert (Lena)
Oda Thormeyer (Lydia)
Wolfgang Michalek (Norbert)
Produced by Frank Kaminski, Ulrich Stiehm, Marco Del Bianco

felix regAndreas Utta
Born in 1968 in Hanover, started to study at the department fine arts/movieclass (focus on script and direction) of the college of higher education in Hanover only in 1998 after having completed geography studies with a diploma degree in 1994. Within the four years in-between he worked on several scripts and films. He participated at the development-support program “Talents 2004” and received a script-support by the Nordmedia Fonds GmbH for the feature film project GARBSEN (the name of his home town).


Andreas Utta
Nato nel 1968 ad Hannover, nel 1994 si laurea in geografia. Nei quattro anni successivi scrive numerose sceneggiature e nel 1998 si iscrive al dipartimento di belle arti e cinema (con indirizzo sceneggiatura e regia) dell’Università della sua città. Ha partecipato al programma di sostegno allo sviluppo “Talents 2004” e ha ricevuto il supporto di Nordmedia Fonds GmbH per la sceneggiatura del film GARBSEN.


Jumping Horse Film
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