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Two siblings toil in a world of monotonous machinery, but when a special winged book arrives, a glorious green world unfolds.

Original Title THE ANIMAL BOOK
Category Official Competition
Section Little Rascals
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6'
Production Year 2007
Nationality France
Directed by Natalie Ann Hinchley, Chris Randall
Screenplay Natalie Ann Hinchley, Chris Randall
Script Natalie Ann Hinchley, Chris Randall
Director of photography Steven Kelland
Animation Victor Georgiev, Dale Hemenway, Natalie Ann Hinchley, Chris Randall, Jonathan Reynolds, Jud Walton, Ian Whittle
Production Design Natalie Ann Hinchley, Chris Randall
Sound Matt Hale
Music VoodooKazoo
Original Voices Corrinne Averiss
Produced by Chris Randall

animal book reg 1Natalie Ann Hinchley

She has been animating for four years and has been nominated for two 2006 British Animation Awards. Her films have also appeared in arts events and festivals. She produced ONIONS, an unusual insight into the perils of growing vegetables, and has recently completed her third collaborative project with musicians Voodoo Kazoo.








animal book reg 2Chris Randall

With over ten years experience in film and television, Chris Randall spent four of those recent years working exclusively as a designer and stop-motion animator for CITV (THE JUNKYARD JUNGLE, CHRISMICE, HICKORY, DICKORY AND DOC). Chris is also one of the founding partners of Second Home Productions.

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