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A powerful businessman intends to build a highway and the evil Mrs. D'Abondo sees her chance to get rid of the forest. The Oak Tree Carballo and his companions are in danger, and all the animals that shelter among the trees will have to flee. Yet Furi and Linda, the moles, and Piorno, the mouse, don't intend to give up easily, nor does Cebolo, a town mole who has just moved to the forest. In their adventure, they'll have the help of the Clan of the Free Cats, spearheaded by Tiger. Even Huhu and Hoho, the troublemaking flies, decide to lend a helping hand. When they find out what Mrs. D'Abondo is afraid of, Furi hatches a scheme to bring the Spirit of the Forest to life.

Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 76'
Production Year 2008
Nationality Spain
Directed by David Rubín, Juan Carlos Pena
Screenplay Beatriz Iso
Script Beatriz Iso
Editor Juan Carlos Sanavia
Sound Jorge Colado
Music Michael Giacchino
Original Voices Sean Astin (Furi)
Giovanni Ribisi (Cebolo)
Ron Perlman (Oak)
Anjelica Huston (Mrs. D’Abondo)
Produced by Manolo Gómez

spirit of the forest reg 1David Rubín

A veteran comic book artist with a successful career. His first graphic novels, “El Circo del Desaliento” and “La Tetería del Oso Malayo”, were praised by critics and audiences alike. His first steps in the animation world took place in 2001, working as character designer and storyboarder. He has worked at Dygra Films since 2003.









spirit of the forest reg 2Juan Carlos Pena

He began his professional career in video and TV in the 80s. From 1993 till 1999 he managed the Audiovisual department of INEF (Instituto Nacional de Educación Física: National Institute of Physical Education), where he made documentaries. His Master degree in 1999 steers him to the 3D animation world. He began working in Dygra Films in 2000.











Directors’ statement

“Dygra Films is the CGI Animation Studio and Production Company behind THE LIVING FOREST (2001), the first CGI animated movie done in Europe. Now we have just finished the studio’s third feature SPIRIT OF THE FOREST, a great eco-adventure for all family audiences. We always seek, in addition to entertain, to introduce other elements to bring more wealth to our stories. SPIRIT OF THE FOREST is not only the adventure of the characters to save their friends from the evil Mrs D’Abondo. It also gives an ecological message saying that trees are not only the ‘lungs of the world’, but also our friends, personalising and providing them with emotions. As well as the defence of the environment, the film also highlights other values. The weaker characters have a special role: Cebolo, the shortsighted and shy gopher, overcomes its fears and becomes the true hero driver of the story, highlighting friendship and solidarity”.

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