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Just before his 9th birthday, Prince Macius faces the most difficult moment of his young life: his father, the King, has died and Macius must ascend the throne. Soon the evil General begins intriguing against him. The General wants to rule the country and start a war. His first deed is to kidnap Macius' friend and teacher Erasmus. Macius and his friends save Erasmus, and Macius decides to found a children's parliament and have the country ruled by the children. But the plan backfires and chaos spreads through the country. After a war with a neighbouring prince can just barely be averted, Macius realizes that in the future the children should only make decisions that regard them. Macius and his friends travel to Tungupungu Island. The General of course has not told them about the cannibals that live there...

Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 87'
Production Year 2007
Nationality France, Germany, Poland
Directed by Sandor Jesse, Lutz Stützner
Screenplay Inès Keerl, Bernd Roeder-Mahlow, Hans Werner Honert
Based on the book "Krol Macius Pierzszy"
by Janusz Korczak
Editor Reinhard Schütz
Sound Wilmont Schulze
Music François Élie Roulin
Original Voices Paul Falk (Macius)
Otto Sander (Erasmus)
Jamie Lee Blank (Hanna)
Hans-Peter Korff (Dormesko)
Till Kundrun (Anton)
Simon Illig (Felix)
Produced by Hans-Werner Honert, Roland Junker, Robert Réa, Grzegorz Handzlik, Sebastian Debertin, Dariusz Wieromiejczyk

little king macius reg 1Sandor Jesse

Born in 1953 in Hungary, after studying History, he began working as an animator for Pannonia Filmstudios. In 1985 he moved to Germany and has been active as a director and animator for numerous production companies. A selection of his other films includes: JANOSCHS TRAUMSTUNDE (1985), DAS LIEBESLEBEN DER TIERE (1986), PIZZICATOR, DAS ORCHESTERGESPENST (1996), MACIUS (TV, 1999-2001), GUTE NACHT GORILLA (2007).






little king macius reg 2Lutz Stützner

Born in 1957 in Königsbrück. Before studying Graphic Design, he worked as a decorator. A selection of his other films includes: EIN WEIHNACHTSMAERCHEN (1994), BIO-WETTER-WUSCHEL (1994-2004), GOETHE MINIATUREN (1995), MACIUS (TV, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2007), A MIRACLE (1999).


Director’s statement (Lutz Stützner)
“With its characters and stories, LITTLE KING MACIUS is hand-tailored to younger children. This is why we have opted for a calmer, less cartoon-like narrative no flow. There is always something going on, the viewer is always amused, but there is no action at any cost, as one so often finds in children’s programs. We have tried to follow Korczak’s humanistic basic concept. The result is a gift for children and adults that sets itself off from the classical family entertainment formats”.

Dichiarazioni del regista (Lutz Stützner)
“Con i suoi personaggi e le sue storie, LITTLE KING MACIUS è fatto su misura per i ragazzi più piccoli. Perciò abbiamo adottato una forma narrativa più distesa, meno cartoonistica. Nel film succede sempre qualcosa, lo spettatore si diverte di continuo, ma non c’è azione a tutti i costi, come accade spesso nei lavori per ragazzi. Abbiamo cercato di seguire le idee umanistiche di Korczak. Il risultato è un regalo per ragazzi e per adulti, che si discosta dalle strutture tradizionali dello spettacolo per famiglie”.

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