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Apollonio and Marco are school mates. They are called Chicken and Curry because they are always together. When they fail their final exam, to avoid their families for a while, they invent a story. Curry, an Indian adopted boy, has an identity crisis and he needs to go to India to find his origins and he needs to do so with his best friend. The families accept and they leave for India. Their journey will be really surprising for them. Chicken falls in love with a doctor from Medicins sans frontiers who is older than he is. And Curry, after a first negative reaction to his country, ends up being totally fascinated by it.

Original Title LEZIONI DI VOLO
Category Out of competition
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Tipology Feature Film
Duration 106'
Production Year 2007
Nationality France, India, Italy, United Kingdom
Directed by Francesca Archibugi
Screenplay Doriana Leondeff, Francesca Archibugi
Script Doriana Leondeff, Francesca Archibugi
Director of photography Pasquale Mari
Editor Jacopo Quadri
Production Design Davide Bassan
Costume Design Alessandro Lai, Sonoo Deenanath Mishra
Sound Giancarlo Dellapina
Music Battista Lena
Main cast Giovanna Mezzogiorno (Dott.ssa/Dr. Chiara)
Andrea Miglio Risi (Apollonio-Pollo)
Angel Tom Karumathy (Marco-Curry)
Anna Galiena (Lilly)
Flavio Bucci (Leone)
Roberto Citran (Stefano)
Produced by Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz, Guido De Laurentiis

flying lessons regFrancesca Archibugi

Born in Rome in 1960, she graduated at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. In 1988 she directed her first feature film MIGNON HAS COME TO STAY (1988), story of the young Mignon. In her next film TOWARDS EVENING (1990), we find two fighting adult characters: an old communist professor and his young daughter in law. Between them the little Papere, four years old. The reflections about childhood will be more complete in the film THE GREAT PUMPKIN (1993), inspired by “Una concretissima utopia”, by the psychiatrist Marco Lombardo Radice. The film is set in an neuropsychiatric institute for children where Pippi, a girl with epileptic crisis, is hospitalized. Among Francesca’s other films we remember SHOOTING THE MOON (1998), with another young protagonist who has to deal with a drug addicted mother.

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