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Leroy (16) is an Afro-German boy who, not only notoriously unlucky, must also battle with an identity crisis: he is black and part of a small minority of young well-mannered and highly cultured Germans. As if this wasn’t enough, Leroy has a girlfriend, Eva, whose brothers happen to be Neo-Nazi skinheads, Leroy’s natural enemies.

Original Title LEROY RÄUMT AUF
Category Out of competition
Section Boundaries
Tipology Short Film
Duration 18' 33''
Production Year 2005
Nationality Germany
Directed by Armin Völckers
Screenplay Armin Völckers
Script Armin Völckers
Director of photography Tony Mitchel
Editor Marty Schenk
Production Design Christiane Rothe, Mareike Jetten
Costume Design Julia Jockisch
Sound Peter Schmidt
Main cast Alain Morel (Leroy)
Mark Dimant (Dimitrios)
Hanna Steidle (la madre di Leroy/Leroy’s Mum)
Errol T. Harewood (il padre di Leroy/Leory’s Dad)
Raphael Wildt (Adolf)
Julius Jellinek (Horst)
Produced by Marc R. Wilkins, Oliver Stolz

leroy cleans up regArmin Völckers

Born in West Berlin in 1963, he left for Rio de Janeiro shortly thereafter, where he grew up. He studied Fine Arts at the HdK Berlin from 1983-88, and has exhibited his paintings on more than 50 occasions in Europe and America. Armin became a freelance screenwriter in 1997 and worked, among others, for the Constantin Film AG. He also worked as a producer of animated series, script editor and director for various companies, such as EM.TV and TV-Loonland. LEROY CLEANS UP is his feature film debut.

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