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Nine-year-old Hani is a troublemaker and his brother, HanByul, is his greatest target. When his brother is diagnosed with brain cancer, Hani finds, in the hospital, a new play ground and a new friend, Wook, the sick farmboy who has a bed next to HanByul’s and dreams to become a comedian, like Precious Son, his favourite actor. Hani’s parents struggle against pain and they don’t have much time to take care of Hani. When Wook has permission to go home, Hani goes with him. The two boys look for the legendary Mister Tarzan who lives in the mountains. One day Wook feels ill but fortunately Mr Tarzan appears and gives Wook some mystic water. Hani is sure that now his friend will get better. But Wook got sick again. He has to return to the hospital while Hani’s brother needs to have more surgery. Hani has to do something. Maybe Wook will wake up if he brings Precious Son to visit him and his brother will open his eyes if he brings him some mystic water.

Category Out of competition
Section Special Screenings
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 97'
Production Year 2005
Nationality South Korea
Directed by Lim Tai-Hyung
Screenplay Kim Eun-Jung
Based on the book “From Sorrow to Hope”
Director of photography Kim Yeong-ho
Editor Lee Hyun-Mee
Production Design Kim Seon-Ju
Costume Design Kim Moon-Young
Sound Kim Suk-Won, Im Song-Suk
Music Lee Ji-Soo, Nah Suk-Joo
Main cast Park Ji-Bin (Jang Hani)
Bae Jong-Ok (madre/mother)
Park Won-Sang (padre/father)
Oh Ji-Hae (madre di Wook/Wook’s mother)
Jang Han-Byul (Seo Dae-Han)
Choi Woo-Hyuk (Wook)
Produced by Shim Bo-Gyung

little brother regLim Tai-Hyung

Born 1970, he studied at the Joong Ang University, Film Department. He has much experience in working on both short and feature films in production, filming, and lighting from his college days at Joong Ahng University. LITTLE BROTHER is his debut film as a director.


Director’s statement

“I first met the brothers Hani and HanByul through this script. Afterward, in the original work ‘From Sorrow to Hope’, I met the brothers’ inspiration, ChangHwe and SulHwe. And finally, I met ChangHwe and SulHwe in real life. Now, I wish to deliver the emotions that I felt while I studied the script, read the original work, and met the Hwe brothers through this film. I truly want to deliver the feelings I felt, those emotions”.

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