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Summertime in Ahlbeck, a bathing resort near the Polish border on the island of Usedom. Malte lives with his alcoholic father, Dietmar, in a rundown villa. Some years ago, after his mother’s death, his sister, Hannah, moved to West Germany. Dietmar has lost his grip on life ever since the death of his wife and the collapse of socialism. Newt week, when Malte comes of age, he plans to leave home. But beforehand he has to pass his driving test. To earn money, he works in a restaurant and smuggles cigarettes with his mate Pawel. Hannah suddenly returns with her 5-year-old son, Lukas. Malte moves in with Pawel, but he did promise to help his sister by looking after Lukas. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Annika, 16 year-old, who is spending vacation on Usedom. But in the end Malte has not only come of age, but his contact to Annika and Lukas has helped him better to understand himself.

Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 88'
Production Year 2005
Nationality Germany
Directed by Till Endemann
Screenplay Till Endemann
Script Till Endemann
Director of photography Felix Cramer
Editor Rebecca Khanide
Production Design Stefan Schönberg
Costume Design Sandra Jones, Martina Hoppe
Sound Patrick Grögler
Music Enis Rotthoff
Main cast Jacob Matschenz (Malte)
Alice Dwyer (Annika)
Adrian Topol (Pavel)
Peter Kurth (Dietmar)
Victoria Mayer (Hannah)
Benjamin Meyer (Lukas)
Produced by Elke Ried

the smile of the monsterfish regTill Endemann

Born 1976 in Hamburg. He took final school examinations and worked as a trainee for the broadcaster NDR and for Studio Hamburg. He took up directing at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg in 1997, graduating in 2002 with the film RÜCKKEHR IN DEN DSCHUNGEL, which premiered at the Munich Documentary Film Festival. His feature film debut, MONDLANDUNG, competed for the Max Ophuls Award at the 2004 Saarbrücken Film Festival.


Director’s statement

“The monster fish has a symbolic meaning. Living at the bottom of the dark ocean, monster fish generate their own light. Thus, by their own power, they are never really in the dark, something which can be seen as the film’s message: ‘Now matter how dark you can always make some light’. The film tells about fears and problems, but has moments of reconciliation too and ends on a positive note”.

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