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In Xihaigu, in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the poorest area in China, the summer vacation begins. The teacher, Mr. Wang informs all the children that they will have to pay 24.8 in September, to cover the tuition fee for the new term. Xiao Yan’s struggle begins. In order to continue her schooling and, by the same token, avoid a premature marriage, she has to earn 24.8 Yuan by herself during the summer holidays. She starts her difficult but imaginative process of money making with ten eggs. Ten eggs are turned into 3 Yuan, then 5 Yuan and so on, in order to earn enough money for September.

Category Official Competition
Section Free to Fly
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 2004
Nationality China
Directed by Fang Gangliang
Screenplay Zhao Dongling
Script Zhao Dongling
Director of photography Zhang Hao
Editor Tu Yiran
Music Chang Feng
Main cast Wu Xue
Liya Ai
Produced by Cui Bo, Liu Changyun, Zhao Dongling

story of xiaoyan regFang Gangliang

Fang Gangliang was born in the Southern East part of China, Jiangsu province (a rich area), in 1972 and grew up in the Northern West part of China, the Xinjiang province (a poor area). The contradistinctive combination of locations and life experiences made him embrace the different things and perspectives in life. He studied direction at the Beijing Film Academy where he directed two short films: ELEVATOR and SON’S FIRST LOVE. After his graduation at the Academy he worked as a teacher there. In 2001 he directed a tv-movie, LET YOURSELF GO. Between 2002 and 2003, he devoted himself to TV play series HAPPY IS ENOUGH – MAN HAVE NO TROUBLES and HOUSE HUSBANDS.


Director’s statement

“In 2001, Pierre Haski, a journalist from the French newspaper Liberation, came to the villages in the west of China—the countryside. A girl’s mother gave him the diary of her daughter, and a letter she had written explaining that “she’d cry for the rest of her life if she couldn’t get back to school.” The diary changed the fate of its young author, thanks to the efforts of the French journalist, who brought the girl’s words to the rest of the world. She has then returned to school and her family's life has been greatly improved”.

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