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Charlie is a man with a portable cassette player for a head, who communicates by playing selections of music and sounds from his own collection. He is at the mercy of his own tape archive and blindly fumbles for the right bit of music or recording to ask out Emerald, a woman with a portable CD player for a head. Alas, all is not going well, and so Charlie seeks the assistance of the wise old Hero Wasabi, an old man with a gramophone for a head. On the shelves of his considerable library, Hero locates the perfect song to suit the situation.

Original Title HELLO
Category Out of competition
Section Animated Nights
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6' 30''
Production Year 2003
Nationality Australia
Directed by Jonathan Nix
Screenplay Jonathan Nix
Script Jonathan Nix
Editor Jeremy Parker
Animation Jonathan Nix
Sound Jonathan Nix
Music Jonathan Nix
Original Voices Marta Tesoro
Jonathan Nix
Simon Bates
Kathryn Brownhill
Samuel Evans
Peter Knight
Produced by Jonathan Nix, David Atkinson

hello regJonathan Nix

Animator, artist and musician, he lives and works in Sydney, Australia. His prints, paintings and drawings are included in private and public collections in Australia and Europe. He has composed soundtracks for theatre, film and performance dance. Jonathan completed his first short animated film HELLO in 2003. The film has been selected for numerous international festivals and has received several awards. Jonathan completed an animated adaptation of a the Russian fairy tale THE TWELVE MONTHS for the ‘World Tales’ initiative, commissioned by SBS/Film Victoria in March 2004. In spring 2004 he worked to his second animated film THE MISSING KEY.

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