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Buenos Aires in the 1960’s. Nine-year old Valentin has lived with his grandmother since his mother left when he was only three years old. His father is always away on business or looking for a new girlfriend. Valentin is a very lonely boy, constantly searching for love and affection. He shares the dream of becoming an astronaut with his only friend Roberto, and together they invent a very strict training programme in order to make their dreams come true. They train themselves by keeping their heads underwater in the bathtub, simulating a moonwalk by walking down the street with iron bars under their shoes and they try to resist the heat of the stove with their hands. When Valentin tries to find out about his mother’s disappearance, he finds that no-one wants to talk about the past. However, when his grandmother dies, he realises he will have to find the answers on his own.

Original Title VALENTIN
Italian Title VALENTIN
Category Out of competition
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Tipology Feature Film
Duration 86'
Production Year 2002
Nationality Argentina, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
Directed by Alejandro Agresti
Screenplay Alejandro Agresti
Script Alejandro Agresti
Director of photography Jose Luis Cajaraville
Editor Alejandro Brodersohn
Production Design Floris Vos
Costume Design Marisa Urruti
Sound Carl Van Brande
Music Paul M. van Brugge, Luis Salinas
Main cast Rodrigo Noya (Valentín)
Alejandro Agresti (il padre/the father)
Julieta Cardinali (Leticia)
Carmen Maura (Abuela)
Jean Pierre Noher (zio Chiche/uncle Chiche)
Marina Glezer (La maestra/the teacher)
Produced by Thierry Forte, Laurens Geels, Pablo Esteban Wisznia, Julio Fernández, Massimo Vigliar

valentin regAlejandro Agresti

Born 1961, Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is an acclaimed director and also a prolific screenwriter, actor, producer and director of photography. He has been awarded many international prizes. His films include LOVE IS FAT WOMAN (EL AMOR ES UNA MUJER GORDA, 1988), MODERN CRIMES (1992), BUENOS AIRES VICE VERSA (1996), which he wrote, composed the music for and acted in, and WIND WITH THE GONE (EL VIENTO SE LLEVÓ LO QUÉ, 1988), which won the Golden Seashell at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

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