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1976. Ten year old “Harry’s” ordinary life of school, board games, watching television and playing with friends is violently disrupted when his father, a lawyer, and his mother a university professor have to flee from the brutality of the Argentinean military dictatorship. Abruptly they take “Harry” and his younger brother out of school and hide in a house on the outskirts of the city. They are forced to take new names and Harry chooses the name of his idol – Houdini, the Escape Artist. Harry will deal with the inescapable realities of his life by emulating his idol. In the wrenching contradictions of their situation, the boys find a tender and intense closeness with their parents that they might never have had in their “normal” lives. But, of course, escape from the regime’s brutality is impossible. As Harry’s parents are hunted down they must make the agonizing decision to leave their children with their grandparents. Before the inevitable moment of farewell comes, Harry and his father play Harry’s favourite game – TEG (Tactics and Strategies for War). The father teaches his son a final secret – the secret of Kamchatka – that will help Harry to hold out and be strong during his parents’ absence.

Original Title KAMCHATKA
Italian Title KAMCHATKA
Category Out of competition
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Tipology Feature Film
Duration 103'
Production Year 2002
Nationality Argentina, Spain
Directed by Marcelo Piñeyro
Screenplay Marcelo Figueras, Marcelo Piñeyro
Script Marcelo Figueras, Marcelo Piñeyro
Director of photography Alfredo Mayo
Editor Juan Carlos Macías
Production Design Jorge Ferrari, Juan Mario Roust
Costume Design Ana Markarian, Magalí Izaguirre
Sound Carlos Abbate, José Luis Díaz
Music Bingen Mendizábal
Main cast Ricardo Darín (papà/dad)
Matías del Pozo (Harry)
Cecilia Roth (mamma/mom)
Milton De La Canal (il nano/the midget)
Tomás Fonzi (Lucas)
Héctor Alterio (nonno/grandfather)
Produced by Pablo Bossi, Pedro D’Angelo, Francisco Ramos

kamchatka regMarcelo Piñeyro

Born 1953, Buenos Aires (Argentina). He studied Fine Arts in La Plata. In 1980 he formed a partnership with Luis Puenzo at Cinemania, an ad film production company that soon became a leading company in Latin America. In 1984 he worked as executive producer on THE OFFICIAL STORY (LA HISTORIA OFICIAL, best foreign movie at the 1984 Academy Awards). In 1992 he directed his first film, WILD TANGO, followed by three other movies: WILD HORSES (CABALLOS SALVAJES, 1995), ASHES FROM PARADISE (CENIZAS DEL PARAÍSO, 1996), BURNT MONEY (PLATA QUEMADA, 1997). All Piñeyro’s films have received numerous awards and have been box office successes. At the Seattle International Film Festival (2001) he was given the Emerging Masters Award, a prize that is presented every year to the most promising film directors worldwide.


Director’s statement

“KAMCHATKA is a metaphor of resistance, of standing tall by holding fast to one’s own convictions. It is Kamchatka against the rest of the world…One can only BE when he acts in agreement with oneself”.

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