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The imaginary world of Gaya is home to creatures who are much smaller than humans, but who have an uncanny resemblance to them. The Gayans live surrounded by breathtaking scenery but they are facing imminent extinction. Someone has stolen the magic stone Dalamite without which this world is doomed. Two Gayans called Boo and Zino embark on the dangerous mission of recovering the stone. Their journey takes them into a strange and frightening world: our everyday reality. It is only when the pair leave Gaya together with the feisty mayor’s daughter Alanta that they realise they are the heroes of a TV series. The intrepid adventurers discover that Gaya is merely a figment of a TV scriptwriter’s imagination and only exists on the small screen. The adventurers don’t have much time to reflect upon the peculiarities of the human world, they have a mystery to solve. The characters have three questions that need to be urgently solved: who stole the Dalamite and why? And how did they manage to get into Gaya in the first place?

Original Title BACK TO GAYA
Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 97'
Production Year 2004
Nationality Germany
Directed by Lenard Fritz Krawinkel
Screenplay Jan Berger, Don McEnery, Bob Shaw
Script Jan Berger, Don McEnery, Bob Shaw
Editor Alexander Berner
Production Design Henning Ahlers, Fredrik Kammer
Sound Steve Cook
Music Michael Kamen
Original Voices Michael Herbig (Boo)
Vanessa Petruo (Alanta)
Sebastian Höffner (Zeck)
Torsten Lennie Münchow (Zino)
Klaus Sonnenschein (Galger)
Bodo Wolf (Professor N. Icely)
Italian Voices Davide Chevalier (Boo)
Natalia Estrada (Alanta)
Nanni Baldini (Zeck)
Riccardo Rossi (Zino)
Fabrizio Manfredi (Galger)
Mino Caprio (Professor N. Icely)
Produced by Lenard Fritz Krawinkel, Holger Tappe

back to gaya regLenard Fritz Krawinkel

Born 1966, Hannover (Germany). He studied Medicine and History of Art in Paris, Budapest and Geneva. Later he worked as a TV journalist in Berlin and directed several documentaries for SFB and WDR. In 1993 he began to study at the Academy for Television & Film (HFF) in Munich and then he enrolled at FEMIS in Paris. Lenard directed music videos, short films, commercials and the pilot and two additional episodes to the ZDF series FIRST LOVE. In 1999 he directed his first feature film SUMO BRUNO produced by Babelsberg Film.

Director's statement

“Cinemagoers traditionally focus on the storyline. But from a filmmaker’s point of view cinema develops by recycling tried and tested storylines that are given a new, original spin using the expanding technical means at our disposal. CGI is one of these means. Everyone is familiar with the basic elements of our story: a buddy movie with two friends – one of them has brains, the other brawn. But they appear new because up to now there haven’t been any 30 cm tall heroes suddenly wandering through our reality who don’t seem in the least bit like cartoon characters either”.

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