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Chile, 1973. Gonzalo Infante and Pedro Machuca are two 11 year old boys who live in Santiago, the former in a wealthy neighbourhood and the latter in a recently created, illegal shantytown just a few blocks away. There is a huge invisible wall dividing these two worlds, a wall that some people, caught up in the revolutionary fervour of the times, want to break down. One of these dreamers is the headmaster at a private parochial school, Father McEnroe. With support from some of the parents of his students, he admits children from the shantytown into his school. He is determined to teach them to respect each other. That is why Pedro is in the same class as Gonzalo. The friendship between them is full of discoveries, above all for Gonzalo. But, in addiction to the practical difficulties involved in this attempt at integration, there are others caused by the open social confrontation in Chilean society on the eve of Pinochet golpe.

Original Title MACHUCA
Italian Title MACHUCA
Category Official Competition
Section Free to Fly
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 120'
Production Year 2004
Nationality Chile, Spain
Directed by Andrés Wood
Screenplay Roberto Brodsky, Mamoun Hassan, Andrés Wood
Script Roberto Brodsky, Mamoun Hassan, Andrés Wood
Director of photography Miguel Joan Littín
Editor Fernando Pardo
Production Design Rodrigo Bazaes, Alejandro González
Costume Design Maya Mora
Sound Marcos Maldavsky, Miguel Hormazábal
Music José Miguel Miranda, José Miguel Tobar
Main cast Ariel Mateluna (Pedro Machuca)
Matías Quer (Gonzalo)
Manuela Martelli (Silvana)
Aline Küppenheim (María Luisa)
Federico Luppi (Roberto Ochagavía)
Tamara Acosta (Juana)
Produced by Gerardo Herrero, Mamoun Hassan, Andrés Wood

machuca regAndrés Wood

Born in 1965 in Santiago de Chile. He graduated in 1988 with a degree in Economics from the Universidad Católica de Chile. In 1990-1991 he studied film at New York University. In 1992 he directed and edited his first short film, IDILIO. Two years later, he made another short film, REUNIÓN DE FAMILIA. In 1997 he directed his first feature film, HISTORIAS DE FÚTBOL, which won the award for Best Director at the Huelva Film Festival and Special Honorable Mention for Best Debut Director at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Later on, he directed and co-writed a tv mini-series, EL DESQUITE (1998), and another feature film, LA FIEBRE DEL LOCO (2001). MACHUCA is his third feature film.


Director's statement

“It seemed to me that it was absolutely essential to make this film, because no one had examined the loss of democracy in Chile from this perspective before. Here, it is the children who look at the world, without judging what they see. They witness the events that took place. We literally experience everything through their eyes. It is they who give us the fragmented information we receive about the educational experiment, their families and the country. It is the first film about this period made by a director who lived through the dictatorship in Chile. In MACHUCA, I have addressed that period with melancholy but also with enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of two 11 year old boys who discover inner and outer worlds where they can finally be themselves”.

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