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Three young guys aged around 18 live in a small Russian town by the Black Sea. Their world is one of poverty, teenage pranks, petty crime and various other enterprises of more or less dubious moral character. Underneath the tough exterior, they are normal, average teenagers with the usual problems, doubts and insecurities. All three have a dream in common: to escape the dragging, shabby existence in their hometown and to find some meaning in life…or at the very least a lot of money and success. Once, when visiting a large city on the coast, in the glittering window display of a fashionable boutique they see a Gucci suit that captivates their imagination and becomes to them a symbol of their dream. They make a pact: to obtain the suit at any price. When they finally do, it changes all their lives in quite unexpected ways.

Original Title SHIK
Italian Title SHIK – IL VESTITO
Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 92'
Production Year 2003
Nationality France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine
Directed by Bakhtyar Khudoujnazarov
Screenplay Oleg Antonov
Script Oleg Antonov
Director of photography Vladimir Klimov
Editor Andrei Vernidub
Production Design Aleksandr Schchurikhin
Costume Design Svetlana Titova
Sound Karoline T. Heflin
Music Daler Nazarov
Main cast Aleksandr Jatsenko (Peaky)
Artur Povoltskij (Geka)
Ivan Kokorin (Dumbo)
Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Asya)
Andrej Panin (Platon)
Nikolaj Fomenko (Botya)
Produced by Ruben Dischdischjan, Bakhtyar Khudoujnazarov

the suit regBakhtyar Khudojnazarov

Born in 1965 in the Soviet Union, he graduated from the Film Directing Department of the State Film Institute VGIK in 1989. He directed his first short project in 1986 and the documentary DOG HUNT in 1989, both while still a student. His first feature film ODD AND EVEN (KOSH-BA-KOSH, 1994) was completed shortly after his graduation. His second film MOON DADDY (LUNNYI PAPA) is dated 1999.


Director’s statement

“THE SUIT is a tragi-comedy, without doubt the most difficult genre of all. Because of their obsession with their appearance, symbolised by the suit, my three heroes are searching for sparkle and superficiality, even when this means their becoming bandits. I could certainly have substituted a western car for the suit, but I felt that in Russia today it is easier to obtain a luxury car than a good-quality suit.
“Only after the Mute’s death can his friends move ahead along the route towards adulthood, a road they had never tried to follow, as if this death was not an end but the beginning of a new life. In fact, it is not simply a death, it is a kind of sacrifice”.

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