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Babel tells the story of the Babels, a strange breed of four-foot-tall creatures who once coexisted happily with human beings on planet Earth. However, when the humans built a huge tower to taunt God, he became angry and drove the Babels underground, while scattering the humans to the corners of the Earth and giving them different languages to keep them separate. Thousands of years later, three Babels are searching underground for the Babel Stone presented to them by God when they lose the map -- which is soon snapped up by a dog, who presents it to his master, an advertising man named Patrick. The Babels are desperate to recover the map, and they recruit Patrick's son David to help them find it (and the Babel Stone) before the evil Nemrod can steal the stone and claim its powers.

Original Title Babel
Italian Title Babel
Category Official Competition
Section First Screens
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 95'
Production Year 1999
Nationality Canada, France
Directed by Gérard Pullicino
Screenplay Vincent Lambert, Gérard Pullicino
Main cast Mitchell David Rothpan, Maria de Medeiros, Tchéky Karyo

 regista Gérard PullicinoGÉRARD PULLICINO

Gérard Pullicino is a director and composer, known for Babel (1999), La télé des inconnus (1990).