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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1995 - 29 July.5 August

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Ten-year-old Magnus Grove is homeless. His father is seriously ill in a hospital in Paris while his mother is too busy with her job as a fashion model to take much interest in him. The boy has no choice but to go to a boys boarding school in England which is where his problems really start. The other boys frighten him, he can’t play cricket, can’t get the hang of latin, and is terrorised by Professor Victor E. Longfellow, known by everyone as Velociraptor, the most ferocious of the prehistoric species. The sheer awfulness of school dinners is the last straw and Magnus, at the end of his tether, makes an escape attempt, but to no avail, for he is headed off by Velociraptor and bundled back to school. The boy then organises a secret society of gourmets and makes marvellous crêpes suzettes for his friends from recipes sent by his father. To win the heart of the beautiful Charlotte, daughter of the terrible Professor, he prepares a dazzling midnight feast besides the swimming pool.

Original Title A Feast at Midnight
Italian Title Festa di mezzanotte - L'invito è a sorpresa
Category Official Competition
Section Childhood screens
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 105'
Production Year 1994
Nationality United Kingdom
Directed by Justin Hardy
Screenplay Justin Hardy, Yoshi Nishio
Main cast John Hurley, Freddie Findlay, Sebastian Armesto

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