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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1984 - 28 July.5 August

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Jani, called just Polz by his fellows, is a sincere elementary schoolboy. He likes his schoolmate Hojka, but especially drawn to inventiveness. He is suported by his mother, his schoolmate Hojka and Fitipaldi. The rest of them, on the other hand his father, a teacher of physics at the top of list, show no recognition of his efforts whatsoever. When seeminghly on the verge of his first success, his device explodes and thus concludes his life of home expirimentation. Polz remains a kind of rebel and fanatic in the eyes of adults, but his younger brother is already promising to follow in his footsteps.

Original Title Ucna leta izumitelja Polza
Italian Title L'apprendistato dell'inventore Polza
Category Official Competition
Section Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 88'
Production Year 1982
Nationality Yugoslavia
Directed by Jane Kavcic
Screenplay Jane Kavcic, Zeljko Kozinc
Main cast Miha Petrovcic, Bogdan Zupan, Jozica Avbelj

 regista jane kavcicJANE KAVCIC

He studied architecture, but he interrupted the study because of the war. After his release he dedicated himself to the film, first as a screenwriter and then as a director. He also wrote radio games and realized radio and TV directing. He had a lot of badly known genres, crime and science fiction. Together with Jože Galet, he was the most prominent author of Slovenian youth films.