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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1983 - 30 July.7 August

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The humorous cartoon does not have a coherent sequence, the murders happen without reason. The first character is the director himself, who tells some introspections about the next bizarre plot, and then starts the actual screening. Two people meet, then one kills the other. The killer is not very pleased because he will be the next victim. It will continue for five minutes, with the most extensive killing methods possible. The last killer can even blow up the Earth. So no one survived at the end of the fifth minute. In the five minutes a new murder occurs every 10 seconds. In addition to the simplest methods of killing, there are strange methods such as tickling to death, hunger with unattainable food, or oil painting.

Original Title Öt perc gyilkosság
Italian Title Cinque minuti di brivido
Category Out of competition
Section Hungary Animation Cinema Review
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 7'
Production Year 1966
Nationality Hungary
Directed by Jószef Nepp
Screenplay Jószef Nepp
Music Tamás Deák

 regista József NeppJÓZSEF NEPP

József Nepp (Csepel, 23 June 1934) cartoonist, screenwriter, designer (animator), Hungarian composer.
Between 1952 and 1957 he was a student of decorative painting at the College of Applied Arts. From 1957 he worked at the Pannónia Film Studio: between 1957 and 1961 as a background artist, from 1961 to the company director. His films are characterized by his surprising humor and expressive characters.
Initially he worked with Tibor Csermák and then with Attila Dargay. He recalled that his first independent work was the commercial video of Daru Cigarette. He was appointed director at the beginning of the sixties. The 8-minute short film Passione, shot in 1961, became known for his professional production, but also for the formation of his hero. It became the prototype of the later figure of Gusztáv. Later, Marcell Jankovics and Attila Dargay played a decisive role in the creation of the "Gustav phenomenon". József Gémes and Zsolt Richly also collaborated.