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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1983 - 30 July.7 August

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Ernő Gruber was a high school student somewhere in Budapest in the mid-1960s. It is a typical petty-bourgeois family, living in a gray condominium with a broken father, a tired mother, brothers. His parents are waiting for their fourth child, they are struggling with serious financial problems. In the elementary school the usual life is happening among the boys. They smoked in the toilet, listening to the twist.
Although Erno is rampant with hormones, it is the eternal loser. When he goes to his friends to party, his attempts at the girls are not successful, he is the one who always goes home alone. Deep within him he is deeply in love with the most beautiful girl in the school, Black Flower, anonymous love letters and poems. But she is Stasni's girlfriend. Erno is desperate, with a condom in his pocket and with three cigarettes he starts at the Sunday Night Dance School in the Great Hall of the Grammar School.

Original Title Cha-Cha-Cha
Category Out of competition
Section Review "Youth Problems in Contemporary Cinematography"
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 81'
Production Year 1982
Nationality Hungary
Directed by János Kovácsi
Screenplay János Kovácsi
Main cast Péter Rudolf, Rita Tallós, Mátyás Usztics

 regista János KovácsiJÁNOS KOVÁCSI

Janos Kovacsi's theatrical features as director, writer and co-writer include: "Cha-cha-cha" and "The Right Man for a Delicate Mission." He has co-written projects like "La historia casi verdadera de Pepita la Pistolera" and award-winning theatrical motion picture screenplays such as "En la puta vida" (or "In This Tricky Life") and "Masangeles." He served as deputy managing director of MAFILM, National Film Production Company of his native country, Hungary.
Prior to his position at UNCSA, he served for 12 years as first assistant professor at his alma mater, the University of Drama and Film Art. He has also served as Film Directing Department Chair and Director of Filmmaking Summer Intensives at UNCSA. He has instructed film directing and directing the actor for film and television both in the regular academic year and summer programs, and screenwriting in the summer.