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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1983 - 30 July.7 August

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An impressive parable where the artist’s creativity is paralyzed by the dull crowd can be seen as a metaphor for a totalitarian system. Cleverly designed animation shows the artist as a tied man whose creativity is hindered by the crowd. A visually attractive film with very interesting editing won an award at the Annecy festival in 1983.

Original Title Ad Astra
Italian Title Ad Astra
Category Out of competition
Section Hungary Animation Cinema Review
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 2'
Production Year 1982
Nationality Hungary
Directed by Ferenc Cakó
Screenplay Ferenc Cakó

 regista ferenc cakóFERENC CAKÓ

Ferenc Cakó (born 1950) is a Hungarian artist whose specialty is performing sand animation.
He graduated from the College for Creative Arts in 1973 and did amateur animation at that point. His first success was in 1982. After that he did workshops in Finland, France, Spain, Belgium, and Portugal.