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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1980 - 26 July.3 August

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In Civitanova, on the Adriatic, four young friends have always come together to spend the end of the year in the family hotel of one of them. Matteo is the only one lucky because he could have a secure future in the hotel that the faithful housewife Annetta maintains in an enviable order. Luca, who has perfected his studies in Florence, tends to literature and has already written a book of imminent publication. Andrea is a good mechanic but, in addition to having to find work, he is about to leave in search of his father who, having traveled to Africa, has no more news of himself. Saro, with a virtually useless diploma in his pocket, tries to hide his material concerns by animating dialogues and launching himself into sentimental adventures and playful jokes. Peppino, the friend barman, willingly accepts the jokes of the four boys and responds by offering pills of wisdom, fruit of experience and maturity. But the true spiritual pole of the four is Fra 'Giovanni for whom, when they become aware of his sudden death, they blatantly blame the blow. Meanwhile, they ask for their hospitality Barbara Norris, a beautiful girl, momentarily fleeing from her mature lover Guido. The boys treat her like a sister but Barbara attacks Andrea, provoking the accentuation of the inevitable fracture of the quartet. In fact, when Barbara leaves with the overflow Guido, Andrea leaves for Africa, Luca goes to fight in the jungle of publishing, Saro accepts the offer of Matthew who wants to find a job with his parents.

Original Title CIAO CIALTRONI!
Category Out of competition
Festival Awards Best Teen Movie (1980)
Section Review "Youth Problems in Contemporary Cinematography"
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 107'
Production Year 1979
Nationality Italy
Directed by Danilo Massi Rossini
Screenplay Danilo Massi
Main cast Vincenzo Crocitti, Marco Gelardini, Mattia Sbragia

 regista danilo massiDANILO MASSI ROSSINI

Danilo Massi (Rome, 25 January 1956) is an Italian director and actor.
Son of director Stelvio Massi, he made his debut as a child actor in some films in which his father was engaged as director of photography. He then continued his career as an assistant-director but also as a subject and scriptwriter, not disdaining some other actorial particle, always in films directed by his father. In 1979 he signed his first film as a director, Ciao cialtroni! signing Danilo Massi Rossini. In 1980 the film was nominated for the silver ribbon as a first feature and in the same year he won the first prize at the Giffoni Festival in the collateral exhibition "The problems of young people in contemporary cinematography" curated by Domenico Meccoli.