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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1979 - 18.26 August

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Jameson, director of the daily Bugle, to defeat the man Spider promises $ 100,000 to Misterio. A mysterious meteorite falls on the earth. It is immediately analyzed by the Fantastic Four. Thor is subjected by the US Army to a terrible test to see if the body resists the explosion of the atomic bomb. Dr. Doom with its reducing beam hits the Fantastic Four reducing them to be very small and transports them on a micro planet of which he took possession after imprisoning the king and the queen. The scorpion man escapes from the prison and goes to the laboratory of the scientist who has endowed him with the powers of scorpion and there he drinks a potion that makes him enormous.

Category Official Competition
Festival Awards Best Animated Feature (1979)
Section Official Competition
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 97'
Production Year 1979
Nationality Italy, USA
Directed by Guido De Maria

 regista Guido De MariaGUIDO DE MARIA

Guido De Maria (Lama Mocogno, December 20, 1932) is a draftsman, advertiser, television author, and director of Italian commercials.
Born in 1932 in Lama Mocogno, on the Modena Apennines, after having started as a humorous cartoonist drawing for national and international newspapers such as Epoca directed by Enzo Biagi, at the beginning of the sixties he switched to advertising and formed Vimder film with other friends: Vimder for VI as Visani Luciano, M as Molossi Tiziano, DE as De Maria Guido, R as Righi Augusto and Film as Film; four friends from Bologna who founded a production company for Carosello advertising.
Since the time of the film Vimder to date, Guido De Maria has produced and directed hundreds of Caroselli and commercials (over 1200), including I Brutos and Franco and Ciccio for Cera Gray, Solomon pirate pacioccone (to which they collaborated between the other Francesco Guccini and Bonvi) for Amarena Fabbri, the "shirt with mustache" (with Maurizio Costanzo), Nelsen Piatti, the netters of Loacker...
Guido De Maria achieved great fame in the seventies when he signed, together with Giancarlo Governi, the Gulp! Comics on TV and Supergulp! he directed the film (creating the television language of the "comics on TV") and that in 1978 he received the prize for directing television, the TV sector for children. He created the characters of Giumbolo and, together with Bonvi, of Nick Carter.
Also for Supergulp, together with the musician Franco Godi, he composed the abbreviations of the transmission. The 45 laps of Giumbolo sold over 100,000 copies. In the nineties he was the co-director of the comix weekly magazine, published by Franco Cosimo Paninie directed by Beppe Cottafavi.