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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1978 - 29 July.6 August

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Story of an orphan girl who lives with her grandfather in the mountains and then forced to act as a lady-in-waiting for a paralytic girl in Frankfurt.

Original Title HEIDI
Italian Title HEIDI
Category Official Competition
Festival Awards Bronze Gryphon - Best Movie for Everybody (1978)
Section Official Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 110'
Production Year 1965
Nationality Austria
Directed by Werner Jacobs
Music Franz Grothe
Main cast Eva Maria Singhammer, Gustav Knuth, Jan Koester, Lotte Ledl, Michaela May

 regista Werner JacobsWERNER JACOBS

Werner Jacobs (born April 24, 1909 in Berlin) was a German film editor and film director.
The son of the stereotype writer and businessman Ludwig Jacobs and his wife Erna geb. Kadow graduated from high school in Berlin-Steglitz in 1928. Since he was unable to study for financial reasons, he spent two years in vain looking for work. In 1930, he found employment at the Berlin-based Dubbing Studio Rhythmographie. Jacobs worked here as a draftsman, and assistant in film editing and sound editing.
From 1934-37 he worked as editing master and assistant director at the German branch of MGM, where he edited German versions of films a. a. made with Greta Garbo. From 1939 Jacobs was used by the Bavaria Film as a editing master and assistant director for German productions. From 1940 he was conscripted to military service until he was considered incapacitated for fighting from heavy lung and pleurisy from 1943.
After the war, Jacobs was until 1949 Chief Editor of all contributions of the newsreel series World in the film. He continued to work as an assistant director and even made several short documentaries, which were then used as a pre-program in theaters.
With the white-blue lion Jacobs made his debut as a feature film director in 1952. He developed into a routine arranger of musical comedies, operetta adaptations and hit films in which the respective stars such as Peter Alexander, Cornelia Froboess or Freddy Quinn had their big appearances. These entertaining films, sometimes funny, sometimes mischievous, avoided any thought-provoking confrontation with time problems and usually achieved great public successes as in 1960 the operetta adaptation Im weißen Rößl with the popular actors Peter Alexander, Waltraut Haas, Gunther Philipp and Adrian Hoven.
From 1967 to 1971 Jacobs staged a total of four parts of the series The Louts from the first bank, with which he again demonstrated his sense of humor. His two compassionate directing works with the Dutch hit star Heintje were also very successful.
Werner Jacobs was a director of a typical representative of German post-war cinema. After the end of the traditional music film in the seventies, he retired to private life.
He had been married to Gertrud Hart since 1945 and became the father of his sons Joachim (* 1948) and Hans (* 1949).